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Wroxall Out of Mallet Cup

Posted by on Apr 9, 2018 in Match Reports, News | 0 comments

Wroxall’s Mallet Cup ambitions came to an end on Thursday 5th April when they played Ventnorians at the Yarmouth Sports Club. However they didn’t go down without a fight, with four of the seven sets going the full three games.

Mallet Cup team regular Jenny Gardner was unable to attend at the last moment, but fortunately club Stalwart Gill ‘Tiger’ Osborne was able to play in her stead.

Just a quick reminder that with the Cup there is no point setting so first team to 21 wins the game and first team to 5 sets win the match.

The 1st set started well for Simon Jilley & Sarah Mcwilliam who were handicapped at +2, whilst their Ventnorian opponents were ranked at -6. Simon & Sarah won the first game convincingly at 4-21, but weren’t so fortunate with the next two, losing them both 21-17, 21-11. Match score 1-0 to Ventnorians.

Set 2 saw a much better result for Wroxall, with Harry Rann & Vanessa Allen ranked at +4 against Ventnorians ranked at -5. Harry & Vanessa made the most of the points difference and won in straight games; 8-21, 9-21, to level the match score at 1-1.

The 3rd set was a close fought battle for Colin Lovegrove & Gill Osborne (handicap +8) versus a 0 handicap for the Ventnorians. Despite their opponents closing the gap in both games Colin & Gill took them both to an incredibly close 21-20 in both games. Match score was now 2-1 Ventnorians.

The 4th set was another three game decider, this time with Simon Jilley & Sarah Mcwilliam (+2) facing off Ventnorians second pair (-5). The Ventnorians managed to close the gap and just edge ahead of Simon & Sarah to win the first game 21-19, The second game saw Wroxall keep the gap and extend it to win that one 12-21, but the third game saw a swing back to Ventnorians who emerged 21-17 victors to win the set and bring the score to 3-1.

Set 5 featured Colin Lovegrove & Gill Osborne (+8) opposite Ventnorians ranked at

-6. Despite the points gap and a great effort from Colin & Gill, the Wroxall pair were unable to prevent their opponents from overhauling them in both games to win 21-12, 21-15. Match was now 4-1 with Ventnorians needing just the one more to progress through to the Mallet Cup Final

Celebrations would have to wait a little longer for the Ventnorians as the 6th set saw Wroxall fighting back. This time it was Harry Rann & Vanessa Allen on +4 playing opposite a Ventnorian pair ranked at 0. The first game went well for Harry & Vanessa, managing to use the points gap to their advantage and win with a 12-21 result. The second game saw them dip a little, giving their opponents the opportunity to edge ahead and win 21-11. But the third had Harry Vanessa back on their game and they won that one 15-21 to bring the score to 4-2 and give some hope to Wroxall.

That hope was dashed in set 7 as, Colin Lovegrove & Gill Osborne (+8) faced off against a Ventnorian team ranked at –5. Colin & Gill put in a tremendous effort in game one and managed to keep the gap just enough to win 17-21. The next two games saw more terrific efforts from Colin & Gill forcing their Ventnorian opposition to a 21-20 result in both games, but the set and the match was Ventnorians at 5-2.

It was a great evening of badminton and congratulations to Ventnorians and we wish them the best of luck in the final.

Commiserations to Wroxall who, put on a terrific show and there were many occasions when, but for a little luck the result could have gone their way. But that’s badminton for you and Wroxall should be proud of their performance this evening and in reaching the semi-final stage of the Cup. After all – there’s always next year!

p.s. This will be my very last match report on Wroxall matches and indeed my very last post on the Club Facebook page & the website as, after this evening, I will no longer be involved with Wroxall Badminton Club in any way. Thank you for all your support over the past few years; it has been a real pleasure knowing you all. I wish all of you & the Club the very best and hope you have every success in the future.

Kind regards


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Wroxall ‘B’ Wobble at the Finish

Posted by on Apr 5, 2018 in Match Reports, News | 0 comments

Wroxall ‘B’s hopes for a third win to finish their season were dashed, when they played Newport ‘C away at the Drill Hall, Newport on Thursday 29th March.

They were battling uphill from the outset, when first lady Callie Hatcher was unable to attend at the last minute, thus gifting their Newport rivals a three set lead before the match had even begun.

The 1st set was a conceded set so Wroxall started out 1-0 down and were left playing catch up.

Set 2 featured Harry Rann & Gill ‘Tiger’ Osborne, who set out to try and even things out. They did this with a consistent and positive performance winning in two straight games 12-21, 12-21 to bring the match score to 1-1.

The 3rd set proved a much more difficult proposition, this time with Trevor ‘Three Games’ Duffield (once again living up to his soubriquet) playing alongside Jenny Gardner. Game one was a real humdinger, with neither side giving an inch and matching shot for shot and only fell short of a maximum point game of 30 points by just the one, when Newport just managed to close it out at 29-27! The second game was also a tough one but this time Trevor & Jenny managed to gain the advantage and beat Newport 17-21. They weren’t so lucky with game three when, after another close fought battle Newport emerged on top with a 21-19 win. Match score now 2-1.

The 4th set was another conceded set, so match score went to 3-1 to Newport and Simon Jilley and Harry Rann stepped up to compete for set 5. This one also went to three, with Simon & Harry winning the first game 13-21. They tried to maintain the pace in game two but just lost out to Newport with a hotly contested 23-21 result and dropped behind in the third to lose 21-17, to bring the match score to 4-1.

Set 6 was the last of the conceded sets, so the score for the evening went to 5-1.

The 7th set was the second of the mens matches with Simon Jilley & Trevor Duffield (maintaining his consistency) taking it to another three game decider. They lost game one with a 21-18 result but turned it nicely around in game 2 to win that one 18-21. They tried hard in game 3, but just lost out to Newport as they edged ahead to win that one 21-19. Match score was now 6-1.

Set 8, the only ladies set played, had Gill Osborne & Jenny Gardner on court next and not having played all evening they found it difficult to find their ‘groove’ so to speak. They played well in the first game but were unable to maintain enough of a pace against their opposition and lost 21-12. Gill & Jenny played better in game two, having found some rhythm, but not well enough to stop Newport winning again 21-16 to put the match score at 7-1.

It was all now down to Harry Rann & Trevor Duffield (who managed to maintain a 100% record for the evening!) to try and recoup one for Wroxall. They started well by winning the first game by a comfortable 11-21 margin, fought hard in the second but just lost out 23-21 to Newport and lost their way slightly in the third, to go down 21-14. Final match score of the evening and of the season for Wroxall ‘B’ – 8-1 to Newport.

Congratulations to Newport ‘C’ on their win, they still have 3 matches left to play and may well yet move themselves higher than their current 8th position in Division 3.

Commiserations to Wroxall ‘B’ who finish bottom, had Callie Hatcher been able to appear I am sure that the final result this evening would have been somewhat different. Well done on playing well throughout the season and let’s hope that your luck runs a tad more true next season.

All though the season is now over for both Wroxall teams there is still the Mallet Cup to contest, and the Wroxall team is in action on Thursday 5th April as they play the Ventnorians for a place in the final. The venue is Yarmouth Sports Club starting at the usual time of 7:00pm, so come along and cheer them on – you can do it Wroxall!

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Wroxall ‘B’ Win over Freshwater ‘E’!

Posted by on Mar 27, 2018 in Match Reports, News | 0 comments

Wroxall ‘B’ won their second match of the season and added more sets to their tally, when they played Freshwater ‘E’ on Friday 23rd March at Yarmouth Sports & Social Club. It was a real humdinger of a match with four 3 game sets and several hard fought closely scored games that had everyone on the edge of their seats.

The 1st set started off in a very positive way for Wroxall, with Simon Jilley & Callie Hatcher facing some stiff opposition, but not giving an inch. Simon & Callie, fresh from her stint on Monday having helped the ‘A’ team win the Division 3 title, put in a confidant and cool performance to win in two games; 17-21, 18-21  and put Wroxall straight ahead at 0-1.

Set 2 didn’t go quite so well for Colin Lovegrove & Gill ‘Tiger’ Osborne, but produced one of the mammoth games of the evening. Colin & Gill lost the first game 21-13, but the second proved to be a monster of a game as they set about trying to redress the balance. Again, neither side were willing to give way the game went on & on until someone had to give. Fortunately for Wroxall, Freshwater were the ones who slipped and Colin & Gill won but not before the score reached an all mighty 26-28!

The third game proved a tough fight too, but this time Wroxall just lost out 21-17 to the home team; levelling the match score at 1-1.

The 3rd set saw another three gamer being fought out, this time with Trevor ‘Three Games’ Duffield, living up to his nickname once again, and Jenny Gardner trying to get Wroxall ahead once more. The first game went against them, but not by much with Freshwater winning 21-16. Trevor & Jenny bounced back to win the second 19-21, but couldn’t maintain the momentum in the third and lost that one also 21-16. Match score was now 2-1 to Freshwater.

Set 4 was yet another three game decider with Callie Hatcher & Gill Osborne on court attempting to redress the balance. They started well, playing some good badminton to win game one 15-21, However, they seemed to lose their way a little in the second and couldn’t keep pace with their Freshwater opposition with a large 21-5 margin. The third game was a different beastie entirely as Callie & Gill put behind them whatever was troubling them in the previous game; and turned in a fantastic effort that earned them a 17-21 win to level the match score at 2-2.

The fifth set, featuring Simon Jilley & Colin Lovegrove, was another three game set, but with a stunning climax. The first game went to Freshwater after a close fought match at 21-15. The second game went to Wroxall with an even closer fought 18-21 outcome. The third game was where it got interesting. Simon & Colin were playing well and matching the home team shot for shot until the latter half of the game when, Freshwater managed to pull ahead. It looked like it was all over (as the saying goes) as the score got to 20-16 to Freshwater, but, incredibly, from somewhere Simon & Colin found fresh reserves and fought it back to even the score. They continued on and with a mighty effort emerged 24-26 victors – amazing! Wroxall were ahead for the first time at 2-3.

Set 6 was bit of an anti-climax after this, especially, despite the best efforts of Callie Hatcher & Jenny Gardner and some great play from both; Freshwater managed to, once again, level the match with a two game result of: 21-11, 21-19. Match score now 3-3and it was all to play for!

The 7th set saw Simon Jilley & Trevor Duffield  turn the tables on their Freshwater rivals, playing some inspired badminton they won in two games by a decisive 7-21, 9-21 margin to put Wroxall back in front once more at 3-4 and just the one set required for the match win!

The 8th set really left it all to play for as Gill Osborne & Jenny Gardner went on court next to try and get the all important last set Wroxall needed. They put in a good effort in the first game but lost that one 21-13. Then, they put in an even better effort in game two, matching their opponents shot for shot. But eventually Freshwater managed to just edge ahead to win 22-20 to leave it all hanging on the last set at 4-4.

The 9th and final set saw the two elder statesmen of Wroxall Colin Lovegrove & Trevor Duffield take their shot at clinching the win next, and what a shot it was! Colin & Trevor played some terrific shots & volleys to win the first game 10-21. They continued with this all through game two and were rewarded with a 13-21 result this time. Final match score was 4-5 and Wroxall takes the win!.

This was an exciting and entertaining evening of badminton; with both teams playing well and it could have easily gone either way. But for once the gods were smiling down upon the ‘B’ team who got a much deserved second win under their belts.

Many commiserations to Freshwater ‘E’ who played terrifically well all evening, but just lost out in the end.

Many congratulations to Wroxall ‘B’ for a fine win executed with style & passion; well deserved ‘B’ team – bravo!

The next and final match of the season for Wroxall is the ‘B’ team once again; this time playing Newport ‘C’ away at the Drill Hall, Newport on Thursday 29th March at the usual time of 7:00pm so come along and cheer them to, hopefully, yet another win!

Mallet Cup Update

The next round of the Mallet cup is on Thursday 5th April at Yarmouth Sports & Social Club, where Wroxall will be taking on Ventnorians in an effort to win a spot in the final – so come on Wroxall!!

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Wroxall ‘A’ Now One Win Away From Being Division 3 Champions!

Posted by on Mar 18, 2018 in Match Reports, News | 0 comments

Wroxall ‘A’ needed as many sets as possible from their away match on Wednesday14th March against Cowes ‘B’ at the Yarmouth Sports Club, to ensure their best chance of clinching the Division 3 Champions title. So the pressure was on, and Wroxall rose to the challenge magnificently and got what was needed in spades!

The 1st set laid the foundation for the rest of the evening’s competition, with Carl Freeman & Linda Lucas getting the ‘A’ side off to a flying start with a straight two games decider and a 16-21, 15-21 score line. Wroxall was ahead 0-1 in the match.

Set 2 saw more of the same, this time with the pairing of Clayton Simpson & Sarah Mcwilliam out to keep the momentum going, and succeeding. They won the first game 12-21, and the second 11-21 to put Wroxall further in front by 0-2.

The 3rd set saw a very slight hiccup in Wroxall’s game plan for the evening when Harry Rann & Vanessa Allen had a hard fought 18-21 win in their first game, but then slipped in the second to lose out 21-12, bringing it down to third and final game to allow Harry & Vanessa to keep Wroxall’s, so far, unbeaten run this evening intact. Fortunately they bounced back from their second game disappointment to win 16-21 and to now give Wroxall a 0-3 margin – phew!

Set 4, the first of the ladies matches ran the same course as the first two, with Linda Lucas & Sarah Mcwilliam turning on the pressure and not giving an inch, which paid off with another two game win for Wroxall at 14-21 and 16-21, respectively. The match score was now 0-4 with just the one more for a Wroxall match victory and it was beginning to look very good for their championship hopes too.

The 5th set saw a determined and skillful effort from Carl Freeman & Clayton Simpson to ‘seal the deal’. Whilst Cowes put up a strong defence and played well themselves, it wasn’t enough to stop the Wroxall pair from overcoming them to emerge 13-21, 19-21 winners, to secure the necessary set for the match victory. The score now was: Cowes ‘B’ 0–5 Wroxall ‘A’.

The 6th set continued in much the same vein, this time with Linda Lucas & Vanessa Allen taking their turn in the spotlight and showing what stars they are too. Despite some serious opposition from Cowes, Linda & Vanessa weren’t taking any prisoners and ultimately triumphed as 17-21, 18-21 victors; and added yet another set to Wroxall’s much needed tally. Match score 0-6!

Set 7 was more of the same with Carl Freeman & Harry Rann on court this time and looking to increase Wroxall’s total even more. The first game was bit of a tough one but Carl & Harry weren’t brooking any nonsense and wrapped that one up 16-21. The second game was even more decisive, with the Wroxall pair winning that one 13-21, to bring the match score to now 0-7 to Wroxall.

The penultimate and 8th set was an even more emphatic result for Sarah Mcwilliam & Vanessa Allen. The Wroxall pair played some truly impressive badminton in a very consistent manner to defeat their Cowes opponents with another two, straight games outcome at 11-21, 11-21. This brought the score to 0-8 in Wroxall’s favour with just the one more for another whitewash to the ‘A’ team.

In set 9, the Cowes side were clearly looking for some redemption but, alas, there was none to be had. It was now down to Clayton Simpson & Harry Rann to tie up what had been a successful evening’s campaign for Wroxall with a final win. Clayton & Harry didn’t disappoint, playing some solid and inspired shots to give them a 13-21, 16-21 margin at the final gasp and leaving the final score line at very satisfying 0-9 for Wroxall, keeping their championships dream very much alive.

In spite of the final result, this was an entertaining and a lot closer evening of badminton than it would first appear. Cowes ‘B’ were, after all 4th in the League, now having dropped to 5th, and are a good team. So commiserations to them on the result but, well done on a fine performance to be proud of. Once again, like many teams before them, they were against a team out to stay at the top of Division 3 and with the skills & determination to do it.

Congratulations to Wroxall ‘A ’on their decisive victory with exactly the outcome they needed. They are now currently 17 sets ahead of Cowes ‘A’, who have two matches left to play and a potential 18 sets they can win. Wroxall ‘A’, meanwhile, have just the one match left; so they must win at least two sets from that last match to make it a mathematical impossibility for Cowes ‘A’ to overtake them at the top of the League.

This doesn’t however; mean that they can relax when they play Newport ‘C’ at the Wroxall Community Centre on Monday 19th March. They need to maintain the pace and effort that they have kept up throughout the season to ensure the outcome. So come along and cheer them on to match and, hopefully, League victory – GO ‘A’ Team GO!!!

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Wroxall ‘B’ Vie with Vectis ‘B’

Posted by on Mar 18, 2018 in Match Reports, News | 0 comments

Wroxall ’B’s battle with Vectis ‘B last Monday 12th March at the Wroxall Community Centre didn’t go quite the same way the away fixture just prior to Christmas, with Wroxall just losing out to Vectis but not without a tremendous fight.

Harry Rann had stepped back down from the ‘A’ team in place of Trevor Duffield, who injured his wrist slipping on some ice, everyone knows you put ice in your drink Trevor, not under your feet!

The 1st set kicked off with Harry Rann & Callie Hatcher taking it to three games; winning the first one 21-18, matching point for point in the second but succumbing 19-21 and finally conceding 15-21 in the third to put Vectis 0-1 up at the start.

Set 2 saw Simon Jilley paired with Jenny Gardner, not playing together regularly may be why they struggled to find their rhythm together and subsequently conceded defeat in two games; 12-21, 16-21. Match score was now 0-2 to Vectis.

The 3rd set saw a turnaround in fortunes for Wroxall, with Colin Lovegrove & Gill ‘Tiger’ Osborne putting in a convincing and consistent performance; winning both games 21-16, to put the score line at 1-2 and getting the home back into the hunt.

Set 4 was another battle, this time with the first of the ladies pairings of Callie Hatcher & Jenny Gardner. They won their first game convincingly 21-12; the second, however, was a real fight, with neither side willing to concede. Vectis eventually came out on top with a close 20-22 result. The third game saw the score from game one flipped on its head as Callie & Jenny lost that one 12-21, now putting Vectis further ahead at 1-3.

The 5th set was another three game decider (Trevor would have been proud!). This time it was the mens pair of Harry Rann & Simon Jilley trying their best to close the gap. It didn’t start well for Harry & Simon with Vectis winning 12-21 .They bounced back well in the second, winning that one by a decisive 21-10. The third game was another battle royale with Harry & Simon determined to overcome their Vectis opponents and succeeding with a hard fought 22-20 win. Gap now closed to 2-3.

Set 6 saw Callie Hatcher & Jenny Gardner on court next. Unfortunately this set did not go the way that Callie & Jenny wanted, with the Wroxall pair conceding the first game 19-21 and unable to turn this around in the second, losing that one with an even bigger 9-21 deficit. Match score was now 2-4 with Vectis just requiring one more for the match.

Set 7 was another ‘Trevor style’ game featuring Harry Rann & Colin Lovegrove. They started well, with a 21-18 defeat of their Vectis opposition, but it went downhill from there with a 19-21 defeat in the second game and an even bigger 14-21 loss in the third. Match win to Vectis at 2-5, but there were still sets to play for!

The 8th set saw Wroxall doing just that, with Jenny Gardner & Gill Osborne putting on a great display of badminton that paid dividends for them and with Gill living up to her nick name!. Jenny & Gill won the first game 21-18 and the second 21-16; to bring the match score to 3-5.

The 9th and final set was almost an exact reverse of the 8th, with Simon Jilley & Colin Lovegrove playing well but simply unable to overcome the Vectis pair and losing the first game 16-21 and the second 18-21; to leave the final score at 3-6 to Vectis.

This was an exciting evening of badminton and congratulations must go to Vectis ‘B’ for playing well enough to turn around the result from their previous match with the ‘B’ side.

Commiserations, once again to Wroxall ‘B’, who, despite playing really well, were simply unable find that little extra bit of luck that is sometimes required to get a win, but still a thoroughly enjoyable performance from them.

The ‘A’ team played Cowes ‘B’, who are currently 4th in the League on Wednesday 14th March and needed as many sets as they could get from this match. This report will be up next, so keep tuned in…..

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Wroxall ‘B’ Fail to Stop Cowes ‘A’

Posted by on Mar 11, 2018 in Match Reports, News | 0 comments

Wroxall ‘B’s efforts to slow down Cowes ‘A’s efforts to get ahead of Wroxall ‘A’ in the league were determined, but eventually fruitless.

Despite some hard fought games and close scoring, Wroxall were unable to wrest a single set from the 2nd in the League side.

Simon Jilley & Elaine Sharp kicked off Wroxall’s campaign in Set 1, they played well in the first game but just managed to lose out 21-17 to Cowes. The second game proved to be no better for them, as they lost that one 21-14, to put Cowes 1-0 ahead in the match.

The 2nd set saw no relief either for the pairing of Colin Lovegrove & Gill ‘Tiger’ Osborne as they also lost in straight games 21-9 and 21-6, putting Cowes further ahead at 2-0.

Set 3 was, as they say, a set of two halves, with Trevor Duffield & Jenny Gardner battling well in game one to force a 21-19 result. But in game two they struggled to be competitive and lost that one with a larger 21-9 margin. The match score was now 3-0 to Cowes.

The 4th set was the first of the ladies matches and Elaine Sharp & Gill Osborne played two very creditable games of badminton. However, in spite of their best efforts and some great play, the best they could do was a 21-19, 21-16 result in Cowes favour. The score was now 4-0 with Cowes just needing the one more set for match victory.

Set 5 saw Cowes get the result they needed but not after a determined effort from Simon Jilley & Colin Lovegrove put them under some pressure, with good rallies and some nice shots. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to stop Cowes emerging 21-15, 21-16 winners, to give them the all important 5 sets for a match win. The score line was now 5-0, could Wroxall do anything to slow them down?

The answer, alas, in the 6th set was no. Again another hard fought set with lots of pressure from Elaine Sharp & Jenny Gardner forced the Cowes pair to earn every single point that they got. But, inevitably, Elaine & Jenny lost ground in both games to lose them 21-14, 21-14 and give Cowes a 6-0 lead.

Set 7 saw much of the same, with Simon Jilley & Trevor Duffield trying hard, playing well and keeping Cowes very much on their toes. Unfortunately Simon & Trevor couldn’t quite do enough to get ahead in either game and lost them both 21-14, 21-16. Match score was now 7-0 to the opposition.

The 8th and penultimate set saw a tremendous effort from Gill Osborne & Jenny Gardner in game one, and it looked very much like Wroxall might just win their first game of the evening. However, despite their best efforts Gill & Jenny could only force a 22-20 result from all their hard work. The second game was less exciting with Cowes producing a 21-13 win to put them 8-0 ahead in the match.

Set 9, featuring Colin Lovegrove & Trevor Duffield, went the way of all the previous sets; with Colin and Trevor putting up some fierce resistance, playing some clever shots and good rallies, but unable to make any real headway against a team wanting to get as many sets as they can to help their League position. The set lasted just the two matches with Colin & Trevor conceding them both 21-14, 21-7.

It was an entertaining evening of badminton and congratulations must go to Cowes ‘A’ on doing exactly what they needed to do to keep them in the race for the Division 3 championship.

Many commiserations to Wroxall ‘B’, who put in another sterling performance but were unable to achieve the result they wanted. When you see them play as well as they did against teams like Cowes ‘A’ it is hard to understand why they haven’t done better this season. Hopefully this will all prove to be a useful grounding for next season.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for them on Monday 12th March as they face off against Vectis ‘B’ when they play them at home at the Wroxall Community Centre, starting at the traditional time of 7:00pm, come along and cheer them on!

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