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Wroxall ‘A’ Win With Another Whitewash

Posted by on Dec 5, 2017 in General News, Match Reports | 0 comments

Whilst Wroxall ‘B’ were busy earning their first match win of the season, Wroxall ‘A’ were busy demonstrating exactly why they are currently top of the heap of Division 3.

Monday 4th December saw them playing at home to 3rd in the league Cowes ‘B’ and Wroxall ‘A’ gave yet another match winning performance.

Kudos must first be given to Sarah Mcwilliam and Roy Freeman who, despite suffering the ill effects of a particularly nasty virus, not only turned up to play but played incredibly well.

Normal order of play was altered due to young Jack Hobbins from Cowes ‘B’ needing to leave early due to it being a school night.

The 1st set saw Carl Freeman & Linda Lucas up first and they started out pretty much the way the rest of the evening was to go, winning the first game by a close 21-18 and the second by much larger 21-8 to set Wroxall off on their winning run at 1-0.

Set number 2 featured Clayton Simpson & Sarah Mcwilliam on court next and they proceeded to follow in their team mates footsteps by also winning in two games 21-16, 21-13 to put Wroxall 2-0 in the lead.

The 3rd set had Roy Freeman & Vanessa Allen stepping up to the plate and they continued in a likewise fashion, winning in yet another two game decider 21-13, 21-12. Match score now 3-0 to Wroxall, could Cowes find any way in to this game?

If they could, it wasn’t going to be in the 4th set, Carl Freeman & Clayton Simpson were playing in this one  and just as in the previous sets they too set about winning in just the two games and emerged victors 21-15, 21-11 to leave Wroxall with just one more set for match victory at 4-0.

Set number 5 saw the first of the ladies sets  and this one had numbers 1 & 2 ladies Linda Lucas & Vanessa Allen showing what they could do. What they did was precisely the same as the previous Wroxall pairs and they too won in two games 21-15, 21-13 and giving Wroxall the match win with decisive 5-0 match score.

The 6th set saw the men back in action, this time with Roy Freeman & Clayton Simpson pairing up and, whilst not wanting to sound like a broken record, this was, once again, another 2 gamer also in Wroxall’s favour with Roy & Clayton winning game one 21-11 and game two 21-10. With the match score now 6-0  Wroxall were looking pretty unstoppable at this point.

However, there was still a little drama to be had yet, as set 7 saw Linda Lucas & Sarah Mcwilliam paired together this time; and they started well winning the first game 21-14, but then stumbled a little in the second giving some hope to Cowes as they won this one 16-21 , putting some pressure on Linda & Sarah to wrap the third game pretty smartly. This they did with a decisive 21-9 win to bring the  score now 7-0 to Wroxall.

The 8th set saw normal service restored for Wroxall and in some style, with son and father team of Carl & Roy Freeman winning their set in yet another two gamer with a very emphatic and consistent 21-8, 21-8 to bring Wroxall’s tally to 8-0 now.

The 9th and final set had the last ladies pair of Vanessa Allen & Sarah Mcwilliam capping off Wroxall’s evening and adding further to Cowes woes by winning in guess what?….that’s right two games! 21-14, 21-12 to bring the final score to 9-0 and another stunning victory to Wroxall ‘A’ .

Despite the score line it was a good spirited and friendly evening and Cowes ‘B’ played really well, there were some amazing rallies and really tough battles. But like all those who went before them, they were up against a side at the top of their game and with a keen desire to stay at the number 1spot in the League. So many commiserations to them, but well done on a well played match.

Well, what can we say about Wroxall ‘A’ that we haven’t all ready said, seven matches and seven wins, simply outstanding! Well done to you all, what a way to go into the mid-season and Christmas/New Year break – firmly ensconced at top of Division 3. Congratulations and keep it up next year!

Meanwhile, once again as in our previous report, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful & prosperous New Year- HO! HO! HO!

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Wroxall B Walk Away with their First Win!!

Posted by on Dec 5, 2017 in General News, Match Reports | 0 comments

Wroxall ‘B’ earned their first well deserved win of the season this Monday 4th December, when they played Vectis ‘B’ away at Cowes Enterprise College.

It wasn’t an easy match by any means as seven of the sets went to the full three games with some very close scores.

There was a slight change in line up for Wroxall this evening as Trevor ‘Three Games’ Duffield was busy tickling his tonsils in a singing gig with his choir. So in his place in steps club stalwart Colin Lovegrove and doing a fine job too winning all three of his sets.

The 1st set didn’t start well for Wroxall with Harry Rann & Callie Hatcher losing the first game 21-16, pulled one back in the second at 17-21, but lost in the third 21-11 to put Vectis ahead 1-0.

Set 2 proved to be no better for the Wroxall pair of Simon Jilley & Gill Osborne as Vectis emerged 21-17, 21-14 winners of both games to put them further ahead in the match at 2-0.

The 3rd set, however, proved to be a different kettle of fish for Wroxall, with Colin Lovegrove & Jenny Gardner having a real humdinger of a game eventually winning by a close 24-26, they swiftly followed that up with another close one, but once again came out victorious at 19-21; to give Wroxall their first set of the evening. Match score now 2-1.

Set number 4 featuring Harry Rann & Simon Jilley saw a little bit of excitement as, after losing the first game 21-16 to Vectis, part way through the second game Harry & Simon accidentally clashed racquets and having sustained minor damage in last week’s match Harry’s racquet promptly broke all the way through; forcing him to switch to his alternate one. This seemed to benefit Harry somewhat as he and Simon took the second game all the way to a 24-26 win. Unfortunately they couldn’t carry this through to the third and lost that one 21-18. Vectis now lead by 3-1.

However a sea change was about to occur in Wroxall’s fortunes and it started in the 5th set with Callie Hatcher & Gill ‘Tiger’ Osborne. After losing the first game 21-13 they quickly rallied and fought back in the second to win 17-21 and followed that on with a win in third at 11-21 to now put the match score 3-2.

Hot on their heels was Harry Rann & Colin Lovegrove in the 6th set, keen to see what they could do as well. What they could do was win the first game 18-21, dropped the pace a little in the second to lose 23-21, pull themselves together in third and win that one 16-21 and bring Wroxall level with Vectis at 3-3!

This turnaround was maintained in set number 7 with Callie Hatcher & Jenny Gardner on court next. Like the previous set Callie & Jenny won the first game 17-21 dropped the second one 21-15, but pulled it back in the third to win 19-21 to now put Wroxall ahead for the first time in the match and the season with the score 3-4 in Wroxall’s favour and just one more set needed for their first match win, could they do it?

The 8th set, which would answer this question, also saw a three gamer with Simon Jilley & Colin Lovegrove playing next. The first game was a really hard fought one with Simon & Colin taking it to 22-20. However, they pulled it back in the second to win 18-21 and carried the momentum through into the third to win that one too at 13-21 and give Wroxall the match at 5-3!

Set number 9 was something of an anti-climax after the previous sets as Gill Osborne & Jenny Gardner were unable to emulate their team mates, losing the final set in two straight games 21-11, 21-18 to leave the final match score 4-5 to Wroxall.

It was an enthralling and exciting night of badminton and commiserations to Vectis ‘B’ who played some great games and made it a really difficult evening for their opponents. But huge congratulations to Wroxall ‘B’, who finally get their long awaited but well deserved first win, we all knew you could do it. Let’s hope you can keep the impetus up after the mid season Christmas/New Year break. Way to go Wroxall ‘B’!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and peaceful & prosperous New Year.

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Wroxall ‘A’ Thunder on with Sixth Win in a Row

Posted by on Dec 3, 2017 in General News, Match Reports | 0 comments

Wroxall ‘A’ continued their unbeaten run at the top of Division 3 with an emphatic win over Newport ‘B’ at their away match on Thursday 30th November at the Drill Hall.

Wroxall knew that they needed not just a win, but a win by a clear margin, in order to stay well ahead of their 2nd in the League rivals Cowes ‘A’ who enjoyed a decisive victory over Wroxall ‘B’ earlier in the week.

There was a slight change in line up for Wroxall this week as; Sarah Mcwilliam was unwell and therefore unavailable. Instead Wroxall ‘B’s first lady Callie Hatcher was brought in to fulfil Sarah’s role within the ‘A’ side.

Wroxall started out well with no.1 mixed pair Carl Freeman & Callie Hatcher facing stiff competition in the 1st set, but considering it was their first time playing together in a League match, they quickly found their rhythm and won two successive games 18-21,18-21 to put Wroxall 0-1 ahead in the match.

Set 2 saw Roy Freeman & Vanessa Allen up next and they too, put in an equally impressive performance to also win the first game by 15-21 margin and the second by an even larger 5-21 result. Match score was now 0-2 to Wroxall.

The 3rd set featured Clayton Simpson & Linda Lucas, who took a slightly more circuitous route to achieve the same result as their team mates; winning the first game by a comfortable 10-21, but faced a fight back by Newport in the second who, after a hard fought game, won 23-21. However they couldn’t carry that over to the third where, Clayton & Linda gained victory with an 11-21 result to give Wroxall a 0-3 lead for the match.

Set 4 was a different kettle of fish as, son & father team of Carl & Roy Freeman showed just what an effective team they can be as they demolished their Newport opponents with an impressive 5-21, 6-21 victory to put Wroxall within one set of a match win with the score line now 0-4!

They would, however, have to wait at least one more set for that all important winning set, as Newport ‘B’ fought back in the 5th. But Wroxall pair Linda Lucas & Vanessa Allen were not going to make it easy for them by any means, the first game being a titanic battle between the two teams, with neither side giving an inch leaving everyone breathless with an eventual 27-25 result for Newport. The second game was more restrained, this time with Linda & Vanessa emerging 15-21 victors, but not able to maintain the momentum gained in the third and this too, went to Newport 21-12. Newport had pulled one back with match score now at 1-4.

Set 6 was yet another change in pace to the previous set as Wroxall men’s pair Carl Freeman and Clayton Simpson went on court determined to secure the winning set for their team. The Wroxall pair managed to do this fairly comfortably, with yet another two game decider at 11-21 and 13-21 respectively, the sixth and deciding set was theirs with score and match win at 1-5 to Wroxall.

The 7th set didn’t prove to be so easy for Linda Lucas & Callie Hatcher and they were taken by surprise in the first game with a 21-14 win to the home side. However, they pulled up their big girl pants and turned the tables on their Newport rivals by winning the second game 14-21 and carried that momentum on into the third by winning that 17-21 to put Wroxall further ahead at 1-6 in the match. The more sets they won at this point the further they would remain ahead of Cowes ‘A’.

Wroxall added to the all important set tally in set 8 where, the final men’s pair of Roy Freeman & Clayton Simpson put on an as impressive display as Carl & Roy did in set 4. Winning very decisively in two straight games with an extremely comfortable and consistent 8-21, 8-21 outcome in their favour; now bringing the match score to 1-7 to Wroxall.

The final and 9th set saw Newport determined to get at least one more win out of this evening’s competition and despite the best efforts of Vanessa Allen and Callie Hatcher, that’s exactly what they did. Despite some strong rallies and nifty returns the Wroxall pair lost in two games 21-17, 21-19 to give Newport ‘B’ the last set of the evening. But overall victory was theirs and more importantly a good number of sets to add to their all ready impressive tally so far this season.

Commiserations to Newport ‘B’ who, despite the final score line and some of the game results, played inspired and spirited badminton. Unfortunately, they like all those who came before them, were up against a team who, at the moment, seem unbeatable and determined to stay at the top of Division 3. Whether this will continue on for the rest of the season only time will tell.

Many congratulations to the ‘A’ team for yet another superb win and kudos for maintaining that gap at the top of the League between yourselves and Cowes ‘A’. Let’s hope you can keep it going in your next match!

Talking of next matches, there is something of a dilemma this Monday 4th December as both the ‘A’ and the ‘B’ teams are both in action, so you will have to decide which team you will go and cheer on. Wroxall ‘A’ is at home to Cowes ‘B’ at the Wroxall Community Centre starting at the traditional time of 7:00pm and Wroxall ‘B’ is (obviously) away to Vectis B’ at Cowes Enterprise College, also starting at 7:00pm. So pick your poison and cheer away!

p.s. I will post an updated League table when the result from Friday’s match of Freshwater’ E’ v Cowes ‘B’ comes in and the table is updated on the Isle of Wight Badminton site.

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Wroxall ‘B’s Woes Continue

Posted by on Nov 30, 2017 in Match Reports, News | 0 comments

Wroxall B’s home match against 2nd in the league Cowes A saw their campaign to get a first of the season win, fall woefully by the wayside.

Despite some truly well played badminton and a much improved form over last week Wroxall B once again suffered the ignominy of another whitewash, but it wasn’t for the want of trying.

The 1st set saw Simon Jilley & Callie Hatcher working hard to make a good start for Wroxall, but were unable to find a way around the Cowes pair and lost in two games; 16-21,11-21 to put Cowes ahead 0-1.

Set 2 had Harry Rann & Gill Osborne also trying hard to turn things around, but they too were left frustrated by a 13-21, 17-21 loss to the Cowes side, now giving them a 0-2 advantage.

The 3rd set with Trevor Duffield & Jenny Gardner gave Wroxall a small glimmer of hope as Trevor & Jenny battled hard in the first game to a close 20-22 loss, but they were unable to maintain the momentum and went down 11-21 in the second. Match score was now 0-3 to Cowes A.

Set 4 and the first of the men’s sets was a very lively affair with Simon Jilley & Harry Rann throwing themselves all around the court to return, what looked like, un-returnable volleys and included some very good, clever and subtle returns from Harry, showing just how versatile he can be when he puts his mind to it. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, Simon & Harry lost the first game 13-21; however they gathered themselves up and a much improved second game followed, which resulted in a short delay due to Simon’s overly enthusiastic downward swing on a snap shot that resulted in the racquet ending up in a particularly painful place for Simon causing a large sucking in of air, tears in the eyes and short walk around the court to compose himself! However, once composed, he & Harry continued with some fine match play, which resulted in a 21-18 win for the Wroxall pair. The third game proved to be an equally hard fought one and it looked very much like it might be Wroxall’s first set of the night, but a couple of good volleys from the Cowes pair saw them come away 19-21 winners and bring the match score to 0-4 to Cowes.

The 5th set with Callie Hatcher & Gill Osborne (the first of the ladies sets) started out poorly for them and they could only manage a 11-21 result in the first game, The second game was a real nail biter with the points swinging this way and that right up to 21-21, until a couple of unfortunate shots left Cowes coming away, once again the winners 21-23 and also match victors at 0-5.

Set 6 saw Simon Jilley & Trevor Duffield on court next and trying to do what previous pairs hadn’t, and win a set. But, once again, despite a really good performance from the Wroxall pair the best they could manage was 8-21, 15-21 defeat to Cowes and a match score of 0-6 now stood.

The 7th set featured Callie Hatcher & Jenny Gardner now attempting to turn the tide in Wroxall’s favour, but they too, despite playing well, weren’t able to fend off the Cowes side and also lost in two games; 13-21, 10-21. The match score was now 0-7 to Cowes.

Set 8 and the last of the men’s sets was another lively game, this time with Harry Rann & Trevor Duffield causing all the excitement as another titanic point for point battled ensued with some cracking rallies and clever little shots from both Harry & Trevor. This time the first game went in the Wroxall pair’s favour at an incredibly close 22-20 outcome. Amazingly enough the second game was almost a like for like fight as the first, with Harry & Trevor pushing it all the way to a similar outcome, but this time to Cowes advantage resulting in a 20-22 result. After the previous two games the third one was almost an anti-climax with Harry & Trevor unable to maintain the pace or performance of the first two games which resulted in a 11-21 win for Cowes to bring the match score to 0-8 to them.

The 9th and last set of the evening had the last of the ladies pairing of Gill Osborne and Jenny Gardner who really struggled to find any real rhythm or pace, and as a result could only manage a 8-21, 3-21 score line to finish of another disappointing evening for Wroxall with the final result an emphatic 0-9 win for Cowes A.

Many congratulations to Cowes on a well deserved win and they are now hot on the heels of top of the League Wroxall A who play this Thursday.

Commiserations, once again to Wroxall B, who must be feeling as frustrated as the rest of us, particularly after playing so well this evening. They must be wondering just what they have to do to win a League match this season; it certainly isn’t for want of trying or lack of ability. It seems that the ‘rub of the green’ just isn’t in their favour at the moment, let’s hope that the tide turns firmly their way in the next match which is on 4th December away to Vectis B – Good luck ‘B’ team we’re all wishing you well!

As mentioned previously the next match up is the ‘A’ team away to Newport B at the Drill Hall on Thursday 30th November, where they are looking not only for a win but a good winning margin to keep them well ahead of their 2nd place rivals Cowes A in the League title fight, Good luck ‘A’ team, keep up the good work!

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Wroxall ‘B’ Still Waiting for Win

Posted by on Nov 23, 2017 in Match Reports, News | 0 comments

Monday 20th November’s home match against Ventnorians saw the ‘B’ team wanting and still waiting for their first League win of the season.

An off form performance on the evening left them still wallowing around the bottom end of the League table and looking for some way to get their campaign kick started.

Due to the late arrival of the opposition’s 1st lady the sets were played out of sequence, starting with the mixed number twos in set 1, featuring Harry Rann & Gill ‘Tiger’ Osborne, who started their match in fighting form winning the first game 21-19, fought hard in the second but lost in a close 20-22 game and also lost the third game 11-21 to put Ventnorians 0-1 in the lead.

The 2nd set had Simon Jilley and Callie Hatcher up next, but they were unable to match Harry & Gill’s performance and lost in two straight games 12-21, 9-21 to put Ventnorians further ahead 0-2.

The 3rd set was then played by the third men’s pair of Harry Rann & Trevor Duffield who put in a rousing performance to get Wroxall their first win of the evening at 21-19, 21-15 to close the gap to 1-2.

Set number 4 jumped back to third mixed pairs with Jenny Gardner & Trevor ‘Three Games’ Duffield who took it to….you guessed it – three games! Trevor & Jenny won the first game 21-16, lost the second 10-21 and battled well in the third but lost with a hotly contested 20-22 result. Match score now1-3 to Ventnorians.

The 5th set had the first ladies pair of Callie Hatcher & Gill Osborne, who both seemed to be struggling with form and it showed in the two game 10-21, 7-21 outcome that put Ventnorians within one set of match victory at 1-4 in their favour.

Set 6 featured the first mens pair of Simon Jilley & Harry Rann who always play well together and this resulted in Wroxall’s second set win of the night as they emerged 21-17, 15-21, 21-18 victors, to pull another one back for the home team and bring match score to 2-4.

The 7th set had Callie Hatcher & Jenny Gardner on court next and they too couldn’t seem to find their ‘groove ‘and struggled to find a rhythm that suited them both. This resulted in a very disappointing 12-21, 4-21 result for the Wroxall pair and gave Ventnorians the all important 5th and match winning set at 2-5. This was definitely not Wroxall ‘Bs’ finest hour.

Set 8 did not provide any relief for the home team either as Simon Jilley & Trevor Duffield despite putting in a good performance, could only manage a two game 15-21, 18-21 loss to put the match score at an even bigger 2-6 for Ventnorians.

Could the 9th and final set with Gill Osborne & Jenny Gardner give Wroxall just one more victory to end the evening with? Unfortunately the answer to that was in the negative, as Gill & Jenny, despite trying hard couldn’t quite get the better of their Ventnorian counterparts and also lost in two games; 13-21, 9-21; to put the final score at 2-7 to Ventnorians.

Congratulations to Ventnorians for some well played badminton and their well deserved win. Commiserations must go to Wroxall ‘B’, who must be extremely frustrated by their performance and lack of focus this evening.

When you consider how they have played in previous matches, particularly the one against their ‘A’ team colleagues last week and not forgetting that four them were part of the six person team that bested top of division 2 BCA by 5-0 in the first round of the Mallet Cup; we know that they are clearly capable of more than they are currently demonstrating. They just need to keep plugging away and find their team ’jam’ and it will all eventually fall in to place – don’t stop believing ‘B’ team !

Next up is the ‘B’ team at home again on Monday 27th November at Wroxall Community Centre, this time up against Cowes ‘A,’ starting at the usual time of 7:00pm. So come along and cheer them on and let’s see if they can put in the performance that we know they have in them – Good luck ‘B’ team!

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Wroxall ‘A’ Win Over Wroxall ‘B’!

Posted by on Nov 16, 2017 in Match Reports, News | 0 comments

Monday night 13th November saw the first of two League matches involving both Wroxall teams, which found Wroxall ‘A’ marching ever onwards in their quest to remain at the top of Division 3 and Wroxall ‘B’ still looking for their first win of the season.

The match started out pretty much the way it continued throughout the evening, with both sides mixing together whilst not on court, amidst much friendly banter and light hearted ribbing. This does not mean to say, however, that both sides did not take this match seriously, as both were looking to get something out of it and claim bragging rights over the other – and so let battle commence….

The 1st set saw the ‘A’ pair of Carl Freeman & Linda Lucas up against the ‘B’ team pair of Simon Jilley & Elaine Sharp (who had kindly stood in for unavailable Callie Hatcher). Game 1 saw the ’A’ side pair in pretty much dominant form with Simon & Elaine putting up a spirited defence, but not having played together before, struggled to find their rhythm and lost 21-11. They found an improvement in the second game but not enough to stop Carl & Linda also winning that one 21-15 to put Wroxall ‘A’ ahead 1-0 in the match.

Set 2 had the ‘A’ teamer’s Roy Freeman & Vanessa Allen pitted against the ‘B’ teamer’s Harry Rann & Gill ‘Tiger’ Osborne, who looked to be recovered from her unfortunate injury two weeks previously.

Once again the ‘A’ team simply proved too strong a pairing for Harry & Gill who despite making some great shots and producing good rallies, were unable to stop Roy & Vanessa emerging 21-13, 21-9 victors to put Wroxall ‘A’ ahead 2-0.

The 3rd set didn’t provide any relief for the ‘B’ team either as Clayton ‘Captain Phillips’ Simpson & Sarah Mcwilliam paired against Trevor ‘Three Games’ Duffield & Jenny Gardner, also won their set, despite a determined fight from the ‘B’ team pair, in two straight games, by a 21-6, 21-15 margin. Match score now 3-0 to Wroxall ‘A’.

Set number 4 saw the first of the mens pairings and this time it was the ‘A’ side of Carl & Roy Freeman versus the ‘B’ side of Simon Jilley & Harry Rann. Yet again, despite a great showing from Simon & Harry amidst clever shots and good rallies, the ‘B’ side were unable to stop the top of the division side from demonstrating exactly why they were top of the division and winning in another two games; 21-14, 21-11 to put Wroxall ‘A’ within one set of match victory at 4-0.

The 5th set didn’t vary from the previous four as ‘A’ side Linda Lucas & Vanessa Allen faced off against the ‘B’ team pairing of Elaine Sharp & Gill Osborne, who set out determined to at least slow their opponents down. Unfortunately, although they, like their previous team mates, put in a great performance and made their opponents earn every point, were unable to find their way around the ‘A’ team’s current form and once again the ‘A’ side of Linda & Vanessa won 21-14, 21-14. Thus sealing the match win for Wroxall ‘A’ at 5-0 to them. The only question was, could Wroxall ‘B’ get something out of this match before the last set?

Alas, set 6 proved no better for the ‘B’ side than any of the prior sets; where ‘A’ siders Carl Freeman & Clayton Simpson were up against ‘B’ siders Simon Jilley & Trevor Duffield who, provided some entertaining and creative badminton and making Carl & Clayton sweat a bit, drew the first game to a very close 22-20 win for the ‘A’ side. But could not sustain this enough in the second and lost this game too at 21-15. Match score now 6-0 to Wroxall ‘A’.

The 7th set had Linda Lucas & Sarah Mcwilliam from the ‘A’ team pairing off against the ‘B’ pairing of Elaine Sharp & Jenny Gardner, trying hard to get at least one victory for their side. Once again the dominant ‘A’ side were simply too well on form and ‘on game’ to be stopped  and Elaine & Jenny lost, after a well fought battle, to Linda & Sarah with a 21-14, 21-13 outcome in the ‘A’ side’s favour. Match score 7-0.

On court in set 8 was the ‘A’ pairing of Roy Freeman & Clayton Simpson facing off against the ‘B’ team’s Harry Rann & Trevor Duffield, who, once again, put in a splendid performance. They were, however, unable to stop a team that, at the moment, seems unstoppable and once again the ‘A’ side of Roy & Clayton emerged 21-14, 21-15 victors to put Wroxall now at 8-0 in the match.

The 9th and ultimate set followed exactly the same pattern as all the previous 8 sets had; with the ‘B’ side fighting a terrific fight but just not able to match up to an ‘A’ side  that is full of confidence and not making any real mistakes. In this case it was Vanessa Allen & Sarah Mcwilliam from the ‘A’ team matched against Gill Osborne & Jenny Gardner from the ‘B’ team. Vanessa & Sarah won the first game 21-12, but Gill & Jenny put up a terrific fight in the second and it looked like the ‘B’ side might get their first win of the night. But the ‘A’ teamers were just able to hang on to their lead, eventually winning by an incredibly close 21-19. Final result: 9-0 to Wroxall ‘A’.

This was just the result the ‘A’ team needed to maintain their top of the League position, but not at all what the ‘B’ team wanted. The end result, however does not really reflect the quality of the badminton played by the ‘B’ side and one can’t help but feel that with the quality of play that they displayed this evening, had they been up against any of the other teams in this division the outcome might very well have been vastly different. They were just unlucky to be up against their fellow club members who are currently at the top of their game. So congratulations to the ‘A’ team and keep on keeping on, commiserations to the ‘B’ team but well done on a fine performance. We are eagerly awaiting a very different result from your next match which is at home this coming Monday 20th November at Wroxall Community Centre against the Ventnorians starting at the usual time of 7:00pm so – GO ‘B’ Team GO!!

p.s. The League table will be updated at the weekend once the other match results are available.

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