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Wroxall Out of Mallet Cup

Wroxall’s Mallet Cup ambitions came to an end on Thursday 5th April when they played Ventnorians at the Yarmouth Sports Club. However they didn’t go down without a fight, with four of the seven sets going the full three games.

Mallet Cup team regular Jenny Gardner was unable to attend at the last moment, but fortunately club Stalwart Gill ‘Tiger’ Osborne was able to play in her stead.

Just a quick reminder that with the Cup there is no point setting so first team to 21 wins the game and first team to 5 sets win the match.

The 1st set started well for Simon Jilley & Sarah Mcwilliam who were handicapped at +2, whilst their Ventnorian opponents were ranked at -6. Simon & Sarah won the first game convincingly at 4-21, but weren’t so fortunate with the next two, losing them both 21-17, 21-11. Match score 1-0 to Ventnorians.

Set 2 saw a much better result for Wroxall, with Harry Rann & Vanessa Allen ranked at +4 against Ventnorians ranked at -5. Harry & Vanessa made the most of the points difference and won in straight games; 8-21, 9-21, to level the match score at 1-1.

The 3rd set was a close fought battle for Colin Lovegrove & Gill Osborne (handicap +8) versus a 0 handicap for the Ventnorians. Despite their opponents closing the gap in both games Colin & Gill took them both to an incredibly close 21-20 in both games. Match score was now 2-1 Ventnorians.

The 4th set was another three game decider, this time with Simon Jilley & Sarah Mcwilliam (+2) facing off Ventnorians second pair (-5). The Ventnorians managed to close the gap and just edge ahead of Simon & Sarah to win the first game 21-19, The second game saw Wroxall keep the gap and extend it to win that one 12-21, but the third game saw a swing back to Ventnorians who emerged 21-17 victors to win the set and bring the score to 3-1.

Set 5 featured Colin Lovegrove & Gill Osborne (+8) opposite Ventnorians ranked at

-6. Despite the points gap and a great effort from Colin & Gill, the Wroxall pair were unable to prevent their opponents from overhauling them in both games to win 21-12, 21-15. Match was now 4-1 with Ventnorians needing just the one more to progress through to the Mallet Cup Final

Celebrations would have to wait a little longer for the Ventnorians as the 6th set saw Wroxall fighting back. This time it was Harry Rann & Vanessa Allen on +4 playing opposite a Ventnorian pair ranked at 0. The first game went well for Harry & Vanessa, managing to use the points gap to their advantage and win with a 12-21 result. The second game saw them dip a little, giving their opponents the opportunity to edge ahead and win 21-11. But the third had Harry Vanessa back on their game and they won that one 15-21 to bring the score to 4-2 and give some hope to Wroxall.

That hope was dashed in set 7 as, Colin Lovegrove & Gill Osborne (+8) faced off against a Ventnorian team ranked at –5. Colin & Gill put in a tremendous effort in game one and managed to keep the gap just enough to win 17-21. The next two games saw more terrific efforts from Colin & Gill forcing their Ventnorian opposition to a 21-20 result in both games, but the set and the match was Ventnorians at 5-2.

It was a great evening of badminton and congratulations to Ventnorians and we wish them the best of luck in the final.

Commiserations to Wroxall who, put on a terrific show and there were many occasions when, but for a little luck the result could have gone their way. But that’s badminton for you and Wroxall should be proud of their performance this evening and in reaching the semi-final stage of the Cup. After all – there’s always next year!

p.s. This will be my very last match report on Wroxall matches and indeed my very last post on the Club Facebook page & the website as, after this evening, I will no longer be involved with Wroxall Badminton Club in any way. Thank you for all your support over the past few years; it has been a real pleasure knowing you all. I wish all of you & the Club the very best and hope you have every success in the future.

Kind regards


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