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Wroxall ‘B’ Wobble at the Finish

Wroxall ‘B’s hopes for a third win to finish their season were dashed, when they played Newport ‘C away at the Drill Hall, Newport on Thursday 29th March.

They were battling uphill from the outset, when first lady Callie Hatcher was unable to attend at the last minute, thus gifting their Newport rivals a three set lead before the match had even begun.

The 1st set was a conceded set so Wroxall started out 1-0 down and were left playing catch up.

Set 2 featured Harry Rann & Gill ‘Tiger’ Osborne, who set out to try and even things out. They did this with a consistent and positive performance winning in two straight games 12-21, 12-21 to bring the match score to 1-1.

The 3rd set proved a much more difficult proposition, this time with Trevor ‘Three Games’ Duffield (once again living up to his soubriquet) playing alongside Jenny Gardner. Game one was a real humdinger, with neither side giving an inch and matching shot for shot and only fell short of a maximum point game of 30 points by just the one, when Newport just managed to close it out at 29-27! The second game was also a tough one but this time Trevor & Jenny managed to gain the advantage and beat Newport 17-21. They weren’t so lucky with game three when, after another close fought battle Newport emerged on top with a 21-19 win. Match score now 2-1.

The 4th set was another conceded set, so match score went to 3-1 to Newport and Simon Jilley and Harry Rann stepped up to compete for set 5. This one also went to three, with Simon & Harry winning the first game 13-21. They tried to maintain the pace in game two but just lost out to Newport with a hotly contested 23-21 result and dropped behind in the third to lose 21-17, to bring the match score to 4-1.

Set 6 was the last of the conceded sets, so the score for the evening went to 5-1.

The 7th set was the second of the mens matches with Simon Jilley & Trevor Duffield (maintaining his consistency) taking it to another three game decider. They lost game one with a 21-18 result but turned it nicely around in game 2 to win that one 18-21. They tried hard in game 3, but just lost out to Newport as they edged ahead to win that one 21-19. Match score was now 6-1.

Set 8, the only ladies set played, had Gill Osborne & Jenny Gardner on court next and not having played all evening they found it difficult to find their ‘groove’ so to speak. They played well in the first game but were unable to maintain enough of a pace against their opposition and lost 21-12. Gill & Jenny played better in game two, having found some rhythm, but not well enough to stop Newport winning again 21-16 to put the match score at 7-1.

It was all now down to Harry Rann & Trevor Duffield (who managed to maintain a 100% record for the evening!) to try and recoup one for Wroxall. They started well by winning the first game by a comfortable 11-21 margin, fought hard in the second but just lost out 23-21 to Newport and lost their way slightly in the third, to go down 21-14. Final match score of the evening and of the season for Wroxall ‘B’ – 8-1 to Newport.

Congratulations to Newport ‘C’ on their win, they still have 3 matches left to play and may well yet move themselves higher than their current 8th position in Division 3.

Commiserations to Wroxall ‘B’ who finish bottom, had Callie Hatcher been able to appear I am sure that the final result this evening would have been somewhat different. Well done on playing well throughout the season and let’s hope that your luck runs a tad more true next season.

All though the season is now over for both Wroxall teams there is still the Mallet Cup to contest, and the Wroxall team is in action on Thursday 5th April as they play the Ventnorians for a place in the final. The venue is Yarmouth Sports Club starting at the usual time of 7:00pm, so come along and cheer them on – you can do it Wroxall!

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