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Wroxall ‘A’ Now One Win Away From Being Division 3 Champions!

Wroxall ‘A’ needed as many sets as possible from their away match on Wednesday14th March against Cowes ‘B’ at the Yarmouth Sports Club, to ensure their best chance of clinching the Division 3 Champions title. So the pressure was on, and Wroxall rose to the challenge magnificently and got what was needed in spades!

The 1st set laid the foundation for the rest of the evening’s competition, with Carl Freeman & Linda Lucas getting the ‘A’ side off to a flying start with a straight two games decider and a 16-21, 15-21 score line. Wroxall was ahead 0-1 in the match.

Set 2 saw more of the same, this time with the pairing of Clayton Simpson & Sarah Mcwilliam out to keep the momentum going, and succeeding. They won the first game 12-21, and the second 11-21 to put Wroxall further in front by 0-2.

The 3rd set saw a very slight hiccup in Wroxall’s game plan for the evening when Harry Rann & Vanessa Allen had a hard fought 18-21 win in their first game, but then slipped in the second to lose out 21-12, bringing it down to third and final game to allow Harry & Vanessa to keep Wroxall’s, so far, unbeaten run this evening intact. Fortunately they bounced back from their second game disappointment to win 16-21 and to now give Wroxall a 0-3 margin – phew!

Set 4, the first of the ladies matches ran the same course as the first two, with Linda Lucas & Sarah Mcwilliam turning on the pressure and not giving an inch, which paid off with another two game win for Wroxall at 14-21 and 16-21, respectively. The match score was now 0-4 with just the one more for a Wroxall match victory and it was beginning to look very good for their championship hopes too.

The 5th set saw a determined and skillful effort from Carl Freeman & Clayton Simpson to ‘seal the deal’. Whilst Cowes put up a strong defence and played well themselves, it wasn’t enough to stop the Wroxall pair from overcoming them to emerge 13-21, 19-21 winners, to secure the necessary set for the match victory. The score now was: Cowes ‘B’ 0–5 Wroxall ‘A’.

The 6th set continued in much the same vein, this time with Linda Lucas & Vanessa Allen taking their turn in the spotlight and showing what stars they are too. Despite some serious opposition from Cowes, Linda & Vanessa weren’t taking any prisoners and ultimately triumphed as 17-21, 18-21 victors; and added yet another set to Wroxall’s much needed tally. Match score 0-6!

Set 7 was more of the same with Carl Freeman & Harry Rann on court this time and looking to increase Wroxall’s total even more. The first game was bit of a tough one but Carl & Harry weren’t brooking any nonsense and wrapped that one up 16-21. The second game was even more decisive, with the Wroxall pair winning that one 13-21, to bring the match score to now 0-7 to Wroxall.

The penultimate and 8th set was an even more emphatic result for Sarah Mcwilliam & Vanessa Allen. The Wroxall pair played some truly impressive badminton in a very consistent manner to defeat their Cowes opponents with another two, straight games outcome at 11-21, 11-21. This brought the score to 0-8 in Wroxall’s favour with just the one more for another whitewash to the ‘A’ team.

In set 9, the Cowes side were clearly looking for some redemption but, alas, there was none to be had. It was now down to Clayton Simpson & Harry Rann to tie up what had been a successful evening’s campaign for Wroxall with a final win. Clayton & Harry didn’t disappoint, playing some solid and inspired shots to give them a 13-21, 16-21 margin at the final gasp and leaving the final score line at very satisfying 0-9 for Wroxall, keeping their championships dream very much alive.

In spite of the final result, this was an entertaining and a lot closer evening of badminton than it would first appear. Cowes ‘B’ were, after all 4th in the League, now having dropped to 5th, and are a good team. So commiserations to them on the result but, well done on a fine performance to be proud of. Once again, like many teams before them, they were against a team out to stay at the top of Division 3 and with the skills & determination to do it.

Congratulations to Wroxall ‘A ’on their decisive victory with exactly the outcome they needed. They are now currently 17 sets ahead of Cowes ‘A’, who have two matches left to play and a potential 18 sets they can win. Wroxall ‘A’, meanwhile, have just the one match left; so they must win at least two sets from that last match to make it a mathematical impossibility for Cowes ‘A’ to overtake them at the top of the League.

This doesn’t however; mean that they can relax when they play Newport ‘C’ at the Wroxall Community Centre on Monday 19th March. They need to maintain the pace and effort that they have kept up throughout the season to ensure the outcome. So come along and cheer them on to match and, hopefully, League victory – GO ‘A’ Team GO!!!

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Help support this site, sponsored ads
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