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Wroxall ‘B’ Fail to Stop Cowes ‘A’

Wroxall ‘B’s efforts to slow down Cowes ‘A’s efforts to get ahead of Wroxall ‘A’ in the league were determined, but eventually fruitless.

Despite some hard fought games and close scoring, Wroxall were unable to wrest a single set from the 2nd in the League side.

Simon Jilley & Elaine Sharp kicked off Wroxall’s campaign in Set 1, they played well in the first game but just managed to lose out 21-17 to Cowes. The second game proved to be no better for them, as they lost that one 21-14, to put Cowes 1-0 ahead in the match.

The 2nd set saw no relief either for the pairing of Colin Lovegrove & Gill ‘Tiger’ Osborne as they also lost in straight games 21-9 and 21-6, putting Cowes further ahead at 2-0.

Set 3 was, as they say, a set of two halves, with Trevor Duffield & Jenny Gardner battling well in game one to force a 21-19 result. But in game two they struggled to be competitive and lost that one with a larger 21-9 margin. The match score was now 3-0 to Cowes.

The 4th set was the first of the ladies matches and Elaine Sharp & Gill Osborne played two very creditable games of badminton. However, in spite of their best efforts and some great play, the best they could do was a 21-19, 21-16 result in Cowes favour. The score was now 4-0 with Cowes just needing the one more set for match victory.

Set 5 saw Cowes get the result they needed but not after a determined effort from Simon Jilley & Colin Lovegrove put them under some pressure, with good rallies and some nice shots. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to stop Cowes emerging 21-15, 21-16 winners, to give them the all important 5 sets for a match win. The score line was now 5-0, could Wroxall do anything to slow them down?

The answer, alas, in the 6th set was no. Again another hard fought set with lots of pressure from Elaine Sharp & Jenny Gardner forced the Cowes pair to earn every single point that they got. But, inevitably, Elaine & Jenny lost ground in both games to lose them 21-14, 21-14 and give Cowes a 6-0 lead.

Set 7 saw much of the same, with Simon Jilley & Trevor Duffield trying hard, playing well and keeping Cowes very much on their toes. Unfortunately Simon & Trevor couldn’t quite do enough to get ahead in either game and lost them both 21-14, 21-16. Match score was now 7-0 to the opposition.

The 8th and penultimate set saw a tremendous effort from Gill Osborne & Jenny Gardner in game one, and it looked very much like Wroxall might just win their first game of the evening. However, despite their best efforts Gill & Jenny could only force a 22-20 result from all their hard work. The second game was less exciting with Cowes producing a 21-13 win to put them 8-0 ahead in the match.

Set 9, featuring Colin Lovegrove & Trevor Duffield, went the way of all the previous sets; with Colin and Trevor putting up some fierce resistance, playing some clever shots and good rallies, but unable to make any real headway against a team wanting to get as many sets as they can to help their League position. The set lasted just the two matches with Colin & Trevor conceding them both 21-14, 21-7.

It was an entertaining evening of badminton and congratulations must go to Cowes ‘A’ on doing exactly what they needed to do to keep them in the race for the Division 3 championship.

Many commiserations to Wroxall ‘B’, who put in another sterling performance but were unable to achieve the result they wanted. When you see them play as well as they did against teams like Cowes ‘A’ it is hard to understand why they haven’t done better this season. Hopefully this will all prove to be a useful grounding for next season.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for them on Monday 12th March as they face off against Vectis ‘B’ when they play them at home at the Wroxall Community Centre, starting at the traditional time of 7:00pm, come along and cheer them on!

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