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Wroxall ‘A’ Wrestle Another Win

The ‘A’ team added another win and more sets to add to their all ready impressive tally for the season. This time their defeated opponents were 4th place Newport ‘B’ whom they played on Monday 5th March at the Wroxall Community Centre.

It wasn’t a straight forward affair by any means, with lots of closely scored games and some fierce opposition from Newport.

The 1st set with Carl Freeman  & Linda Lucas, set the tone for the rest of the evening, with two very closely contested games that both ended going against the home side advantage in favour of Newport at 17-21 and 18-21 respectively to kick off the opposition’s  campaign at 0-1 in the match.

Set 2 featuring Clayton Simpson & Sarah Mcwilliam, did see the home advantage working in Wroxall’s favour this time; with Clayton & Sarah winning the first game 21-15 and the second 21-18 to put Wroxall level at 1-1.

The 3rd set also went Wroxall’s way, but not without a first game scare that left Harry Rann & Vanessa Allen losing that one 17-21.  However, they rallied back in the second, facing some fierce opposition from Newport who were unwilling to concede their one game lead, but efforts were for naught as Harry & Vanessa won that one 23-21 and followed that in the third with more confidant 21-12 victory. Match score was now 2-1 as Wroxall took the lead in the match for the first time.

The 4th set saw Newport bounce back with some determined play against Linda Lucas & Sarah Mcwilliam The Wroxallians weren’t going down without a fight however, and what a fight it was; with neither side giving ground in the first game and ending up with a nail biting finish at 23-25 to Newport. The second was also hotly contested, but the score line this time was less tense 18-21 result for Newport; to, once again, equalise the match score at 2-2.

Set 5 was the first of the mens matches and this one featured Carl Freeman & Clayton Simpson who were attempting to wrest control back from Newport. In this they proved to be very consistent in the process; winning the first game 21-16 and the second also 21-16, thus, putting Wroxall ahead once more at 3-2 in the match.

The 6th set saw Linda Lucas & Vanessa Allen on court next to try and extend Wroxall’s lead and put them within striking distance of the match win. The ladies pair put together another consistent and steady performance to do just that, winning two straight games; 21-15, 21-16. This now put the match score at 4-2 with just the one more set for Wroxall to win the evening.

Set 7 with Carl Freeman & Harry Rann proved to be the all important deciding set, with Carl & Harry taking the first game comfortably at 21-12. The second proved slightly more of a challenge but still ended in a Wroxall win with Carl & Harry emerging 21-19 victors, to give Wroxall the match win at 5-2.

Set 8 saw a slight hiccup in Wroxall’s plans  to get as many sets as possible, when Newport ‘B’ fought back against Sarah Mcwilliam and Vanessa Allen, who seemed to struggle a little to find their balance and subsequently lost both games; 14-21, 13-21, to draw the score line a little closer at 5-3.

The 9th and final set had the pairing of Clayton Simpson & Harry Rann up next and determined to see that Wroxall saw the evening out with a bang rather than a whimper. After a hard fought game that saw some good rallies and great shots from both sides, Clayton & Harry were half way to their target with a 21-19 win. The second game, equally as hotly contested as the first, saw them achieve their aim with 21-18 win to put the final match score at 6-3 to Wroxall.

This was a very good evening of badminton, with neither side willing to give an inch, but Wroxall’s superiority showing through in the end; so, many commiserations to Newport ‘B’ on their loss, but well done on a great performance.

Congratulations again to Wroxall who, continue to dominate at the top of Division 3 with a17 set lead over their closest rivals Cowes ‘A’.

Speaking of Cowes ‘A’, they are playing our very own ‘B’ team this Thursday night (8th March) at the West Wight Sports Centre, Freshwater starting at 7:00pm. So let’s hope that Wroxall ‘B’ can pull out a win that will help them move of the bottom of Division 3 and help the ‘A’ team keep a good margin over Cowes ‘A’. Go ‘B’ team go!!

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