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Wroxall ‘B’ Vexed by Ventnorians!

Wroxall ‘B’ had another frustrating and vexatious game on Tuesday 27th February, this time against Ventnorians whom they played away against at the Medina Leisure Centre.

Despite some close matches and a good effort from the ‘B’ side, they suffered another loss in what is proving to not be their year.

The 1st set featuring Simon Jilley & Callie Hatcher proved to be closely scored and consistent, but the result was an unfortunate 21-18, 21-18 loss to the Wroxall pair to kick off the scoring at 1-0 to Ventnorians.

Trevor Duffield & Jenny Gardner were also consistent but fared even worse in Set 2, struggling to find traction in both their games; losing the first one 21-5, and the second also 21-5 to make it 2-0 to Ventnorians.

The 3rd Set provided no relief for the pairing of Colin Lovegrove & Gill ‘Tiger’ Osborne either. Despite their best efforts Colin & Gill also lost in straight games with a score line of 21-7 and 21-12. Match score was now 3-0 in Ventnorians favour.

Set 4 was the first of the ladies matches with Callie Hatcher & Jenny Gardner attempting to redress the balance somewhat. Alas this set went the way of the previous three, with Callie & Jenny trying hard but unable to avoid losing to the opposition 21-7, 21-8. Ventnorians were now on 4-0 with just more set to go to claim the match win.

The 5th Set had Simon Jilley & Trevor Duffield on court next trying their best to forestall a Ventnorians victory. They played well in the first game with some great rallies and smart shots; but not well enough to prevent a 21-19 win for Ventnorians. Simon & Trevor fared no better in game two, losing that one 21-11. Match score was now 5-0 to Ventnorians and match win also to them.

Set 6 was another close fought match, this time with Callie Hatcher & Gill Osborne providing the action. Again, this was another good performance from Wroxall with Callie & Gill playing well and giving the opposition a very hard time. But, in the end, this too proved a fruitless exercise, and Wroxall suffered another two game defeat; 21-17, 21-16. This left the match score at the end of this Set at 6-0.

The 7th Set featuring Simon Jilley & Trevor Duffield saw, what was possibly Wroxall’s best chance yet; with Simon & Trevor battling hard in the first game, but just losing out 21-15. However, in the second game it looked like Simon & Trevor just might be going to live up to Trevor’s nickname of ‘Three Games’ when; playing a great game, matched Ventnorians point for point all the way up to the end; until Ventnorians managed to just edge ahead and came out 22-20 to give them a 7-0 lead

Set 8 was almost an anti-climax after the previous Set, with Jenny Gardner & Gill Osborne unable to maintain the impetus and energy that Simon & Trevor had provided and although they worked well together as a team, they lost in straight games too; 21-7, 21-5. Match score was now 8-0 to Ventnorians. Could the last Wroxall pairing provide a small ray of sunshine on what proved so far to be a rather dismal evening for the ‘B’ Team?

Unfortunately the answer, in the 9th and final set was no. Trevor Duffield & Colin Lovegrove tried very hard to help Wroxall finish with a bang rather than a whimper, with the first game showing some promising moves from the Wroxall pair, but the best they could manage was a 21-14 result to Ventnorians. The second was more subdued with Trevor & Colin conceding victory, this time with a 21-8 margin and a complete win for Ventnorians with a final 9-0 score line.

Congratulations to Ventnorians on a well deserved win, they have played fairly consistently throughout the season and are currently third in Division 3 and just 6 sets behind second place Cowes ’A’

Commiserations to Wroxall ‘B’ who, once again, put in a fine performance but were unable to reap the rewards of their efforts, we all feel your frustration & hope that your fortunes improve in the very near future. Thanks must go again to club stalwart Colin Lovegrove for standing in for Harry Rann, who is doing an upstanding job standing in for Roy Freeman.

The next match up is Wroxall ‘A’ playing at home against Newport ‘B’ at the Wroxall Community Centre on Monday 5th March, so come along and cheer them on!

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