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Wroxall v Wroxall Round 2!

In the second of the local derbies that took place on Monday 19th February at the Wroxall Community Centre, the ‘A’ team came out on top again despite a first class performance from the ‘B’ team. It is difficult to understand how a team that can play so well against the top of the League side does not win more matches against teams that fared so much worse against Wroxall ‘A’? I think the term’ it’s just not their year’ is probably just as good an explanation as any.

Set 1 had Simon Jilley & Callie Hatcher up against Carl Freeman & Linda Lucas and, despite a spirited performance Simon & Callie weren’t able to hold out against Carl & Linda’s great team work, losing the first game 8-21 and the second 12-21 to put the ‘A’ side 0-1 in front from the get go.

The 2nd set saw Trevor Duffield & Jenny Gardner pitted against Clayton Simpson & Sarah Mcwilliam this time. Unfortunately the results were no different from the previous set, with Trevor & Jenny giving it their all but Clayton & Sarah simply proving too strong for the ‘B’ side couple. The result: a 12-21, 8-21 win for Clayton & Sarah. The ‘A’ team was now 0-2 ahead.

Set 3 was a tougher affair, with Colin Lovegrove & Gill ‘Tiger’ Osborne pitting their skills against Harry Rann (Standing in for Roy Freeman once more) & Vanessa Allen. This was a game of long rallies and clever shots from both sides but, once again the dominance that the ‘A’ team have shown all season made the difference with the best that Colin & Gill could do, being a not too shabby 17-21, 17-21 result. The match score was now 0-3 to Wroxall ‘A’.

The 4th set proved less than satisfactory for Callie Hatcher & Jenny Gardner, playing in the first of the ladies sets opposite Linda Lucas & Sarah Mcwilliam, as they struggled to find their rhythm together and lost to Linda and Sarah in straight games 9-21 and 6-21, to put the ‘A’ side within striking distance of match victory at 0-4.

The 5th set was a different beastie altogether, albeit with the same outcome. This time it was the mens turn with Simon Jilley & Trevor ‘Three Games’ Duffield (once again living up to his moniker) competing against Carl Freeman & Clayton ‘Captain Phillips’ Simpson. Again this was another tough one, with more long rallies and clever cross court and drop shots from both teams with the first game going to Carl & Clayton 16-21. Then Simon & Trevor fought back in the second to take it, just, by 21-19; but were unable to maintain the momentum, to lose out to Carl & Clayton 11-21 in the third, to give Wroxall ‘A’ their fifth set in a row and the match win at 0-5.

Set 6 was another tight match with Callie Hatcher & Gill Osborne on court against Linda Lucas & Vanessa Allen and out to make a fight of it. They played some outstanding badminton, matching Linda & Vanessa point for point. It only lasted the two games but both were real nail biters with the final results being 19-21, 19-21 in the ‘A’ team’s favour. Match score was now 0-6.

The 7th set was also a well played two gamer, this time with Simon Jilley & Colin Lovegrove doing their best but, failing to defeat Carl Freeman & Harry Rann.

Simon & Colin lost the first game 15-21 and the second 12-21 but they made Carl & Harry earn every single point that they won. Wroxall ‘A’ were now ahead 0-7 in the match.

The penultimate set; number 8, saw another spirited effort from Jenny Gardner & Gill Osborne, this time up against Sarah Mcwilliam & Vanessa Allen. Whilst Sarah & Vanessa were certainly faster around the court than their ‘B’ team opponents, Jenny & Gill were making some inspired shots that made it very difficult for the ‘A’ side to counter. Eventually the pace and level of play from Sarah & Vanessa won out and the set finished 13-21, 14-21 to Wroxall ‘A’ with the match score now at 0-8 to them

The 9th set drew this local derby to a close, with Trevor Duffield & Colin Lovegrove matched against Clayton Simpson & Harry Rann. Trevor & Colin played well together, with both of them making some great shots, but Clayton & Harry were determined to end the evening the way it started and won the first game 9-21. Trevor & Colin fought hard against Clayton & Harry in game two but as the last shuttle fluttered gently over the net like a the diaphanous wings of a butterfly (sorry, bit of artistic licence there, what did you think Sarah?) the final game score was 12-21 and match score was 0-9 to Wroxall ‘A’, who had yet another whitewash under their belt.

Although the final result was very conclusive, these were not easy sets or games, with the ‘B’ team putting up a terrific fight and playing some great badminton. However, the ‘A’ side are top of Division 3 for a reason and that was only too clear tonight. It was a fun and exciting evening played in good spirits by both sides.

Commiserations must go to Wroxall ‘B’ on another loss, but well done on a terrific performance; against anyone else I’m sure the result would have been very different.

Congratulations, yet again, to Wroxall ‘A’ for another outstanding match and a much needed result. Many thanks to Harry Rann for standing in for Roy Freeman and to Colin Lovegrove for standing in for Harry! I must also give a big shout out to Roy Freeman who, despite still recovering from a kidney transplant, came along tonight to cheer his team on. It was great to see him looking so well and we look forward to his full recovery and return to the game.

The next match of interest is Wroxall ‘B’s away game to Ventnorians at the Medina Leisure Centre next Tuesday 27th February, so come along and cheer them on!

For those interested in the League positions and some stats. Wroxall ‘A’ are currently top with 98 sets for with 13 matches played and 3 remaining. Their League rivals Cowes ‘A’ are on 75 sets for with 11 played with 5 to go. Assuming the worst and that Cowes win their remaining 5 matches 9-0 to put them on a final total of 120 sets for them; Wroxall ‘A’ have to garner 23 sets from their last 3 matches to make it mathematically impossible for Cowes to overtake them and to ensure finishing division 3 champions – no pressure there then ‘A’ team, but we’re rooting for you all the way, go ‘A’ team go!!

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