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Wroxall ‘A’ Win Once More

The ‘A’ team had another successful night, this time in their re-scheduled home game against Freshwater ‘E’, played on Friday 9th February at the Wroxall Community Centre. Freshwater were, once again fielding their regular team with the very welcome return of the ever popular Cleet Holmberg. They also consisted mostly of up & coming youngsters looking to gain valuable experience and show some of the ‘oldies’ just what they could do.

There was also one change in line-up for the Wroxall side with Harry Rann unavailable, the inestimable Simon Jilley stepped up from the ‘B’ team in his stead; and a damn fine job he did of it too!

The 1st set saw Wroxall off to a flying start with Carl Freeman & Linda Lucas starting off the way Wroxall would like to go on; with a straight two game 21-10, 21-12 win to get the ball rolling at 1-0 to Wroxall.

Set 2 saw Clayton Simpson & Sarah Mcwilliam hot on the heels of Carl & Linda and following in their footsteps, also with a two game result; scored at 21-8 and 21-4 to bring Wroxall’s lead to 2-0.

Set 3 featured the aforementioned Simon Jilley & Vanessa Allen, who liking what they had seen so far and not wanting to upset the apple cart, decided that they too would finish out the set in two games too. They won the first game 21-10 and the second 21-5. Match score was now 3-0 to Wroxall, with Freshwater playing some good badminton but unable to keep pace with a determined Wroxall side.

The 4th set followed on in much the same manner as the first three, with the first of the ladies pairs of Linda Lucas & Sarah Mcwilliam having a slightly tougher time of it; but still winning through in straight games with a closer margin of 21-14, 21-18; to bring the match score to 4-0 and put Wroxall within one set of match victory.

Set number 5 had Carl Freeman & Clayton Simpson on court next, looking to get a decisive win to put the match out of Freshwater’s reach. They started well, winning the first game 21-14, but did even better in the second winning that one with a 21-8 margin to give Wroxall 5 sets to nothing and the match win.

Freshwater, however, were determined to get something out of this evening and did exactly that in the 6th set. This one had the second of the ladies pairing of Linda Lucas & Vanessa Allen attempting to maintain the impetus started by the previous pairs. Alas this was not to be with Freshwater taking the first game 19-21, Linda & Vanessa rallied in the second to win 21-11, but Freshwater fought back hard in the third and determined not to give in, forced a 22-24 result to earn themselves a set with the score now at 5-1 to Wroxall.

Wroxall are not a team to let one loss set them back and so in set 7 with Carl Freeman & Simon Jilley on next, they proceeded to show why Wroxall are top of Division 3, with an emphatic 21-8, 21-5 victory over their Freshwater rivals to add another set to Wroxall’s tally for the evening with the match score now at 6-1.

The 8th set saw Sarah Mcwilliam and Vanessa Allen carrying on from where Carl & Simon left off, with yet another two straight game win despite some tough opposition; with final result at 21-14, 21-13 to increase Wroxall’s margin to an even greater 7-1.

The 9th and final set had Clayton Simpson & Simon Jilley capping off Wroxall’s dominant evening with a final two game decider. They won the first game 21-8 and finished the set and the match by winning the second 21-10. Final result: Wroxall 8-1 Freshwater.

This was another enjoyable and sporting match with the always warm & friendly Freshwater side, despite the final score line, not making it easy at all for Wroxall; and the youngsters showing, yet again, that there is real talent & potential in that team along with some cool heads & real maturity in their game. So commiserations to them, but well done on a good performance.

Many thanks go to Simon Jilley for doing such an outstanding job in Harry Rann’s absence and congratulations, once again, to Wroxall’A’ who continue to rack up not only the match wins, but more importantly, a significant number of set wins as this will help keep them at the top of Division

Talking of which, the next match will be another home match for the ‘A’ team against their League rivals, 2nd in the League Cowes ‘A’; when they play them at the Wroxall Community Centre on Monday 12th February at the usual time of 7:00pm. If Wroxall win this one with a decent Set margin it will keep them firmly at the top of Division 3 and put them in with a very good chance of winning the league title, so come along and cheer them on!

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