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Wroxall Wow with another Mallet Cup Whitewash!

Monday 5th February saw another outstanding performance from the Wroxall team, in the 2nd round of the Mallet Cup against a strong Cowes side, played at home at the Wroxall Community Centre. Despite a great showing from a talented Cowes team, Wroxall, once again won through to the next round with another 5-0 straight sets victory.


The evening started out well for Wroxall with the 1st set featuring Simon Jilley (sporting a new, sleeker hairstyle, which clearly worked for him judging by results!) & Callie Hatcher handicapped at +4; matched against a Cowes pair Handicapped at 0.

From the outset it was obvious that Simon & Callie’s tactics were to simply maintain their advantage by matching their opponents point for point. This went even better than expected in the first game when they not only maintained, but extended the gap to finish 21-10 winners. They lost the advantage in the second and lost 17-21, but again extended it in the third to win 21-14, to put Wroxall in front 1-0 in the match.


Set 2 Had Clayton Simpson & Sarah Mcwilliam both on fighting form and handicapped at 0 up against a Cowes pair ranked at -4. Clayton & Sarah also extended their 4 point head start in the first game, winning that with a 21-11 margin. They maintained the pressure and the pace in the second game to also win that one 21-9. Match score was now 2-0 to Wroxall.


Just a quick reminder at this point that; with the Mallet Cup there is no point setting i.e. the first to 21 wins regardless of the gap and the first team to 5 sets wins and the match is over, so no playing the full 9.


On court for the 3rd set were Harry Rann & Jenny Gardner, handicapped at +7 against a Cowes pair handicapped at +2. Harry & Jenny couldn’t quite hold off the Cowes pair and slowly lost their advantage in game one to lose 16-21. However, determined not to let their team mates down, they rallied back in the second to just keep ahead and emerge 21-17 victors. They apparently liked what they did, as they repeated it in the third game to win that one also 21-17, to put Wroxall even further ahead at 3-0! Wroxall didn’t quite believe the evening they were having especially against a Cowes team that were playing so well and I think they were waiting for the ‘other shoe to drop’ so to speak.


 Well it certainly didn’t drop in set 4 for Simon Jilley & Callie Hatcher (handicap +4), when paired against a Cowes side ranked at -4. The first game see-sawed, with Simon & Callie losing some ground, and then gaining some ground, but maintaining enough of a gap to eventually win 21-15. The second game went in much the same fashion with some exciting rallies being played, but the outcome went exactly the same way with Simon & Callie winning that one 21-18. Match score was now 4-0 with Wroxall needing just the one more to wrap up the match.


The 5th and potentially final set saw Clayton Simpson & Sarah Mcwilliam (handicap 0) up again, against a Cowes pair with a +2 handicap. The first game went pretty much point for point when, in the latter half, Clayton & Sarah closed the gap and managed to extend it enough to win 21-18. Just one more game and progression through to the next round was Wroxall’s! Cowes however weren’t going down without a fight and produced some great badminton to try and stay in the set and the match. However, it wasn’t quite enough against a Wroxall pair that now had the bit between their teeth and wanted to finish off the evening in style; which they did successfully, winning the second game 21-14. Match score 5-0 and win and a place in the next round of the Cup to Wroxall!


All in all it was a good spirited match played in a fine sporting manner, with both teams putting in a good performance, but with Wroxall managing to win, once again, in such a convincing manner with another unexpected margin.


Commiserations to Cowes, who certainly deserved better than the 5-0 outcome that they got. But, congratulations to Wroxall, who put in another determined and skilful performance that sees them going through to the next round, where they can, hopefully, repeat the outcome of the first two rounds.


Next up is a return to the League with the ‘A’ team, on Friday 9th February, where they will host Freshwater ‘E’ at the Wroxall Community Centre; to play their earlier re-scheduled match starting at the usual time of 7:00pm,; so come along and cheer them on!


Correction & apology

I must, at this point offer a correction and a most heartfelt apology; I have, in some earlier match reports on Wroxall ‘B’, stated that they were still waiting for their first match win for the season. I am happy to say, that after reviewing earlier reports and match results that Wroxall ‘B’ did in fact record their first match win at home against Vectis ‘B’ winning 5-4 on 4th December 2017. So my sincerest apologies for the error and I am pleased to be able to correct it and say that we are all looking forward to your next victory in the League.

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