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Wroxall ‘A’ Back on Form with a Bang!

The ‘A’ team’s away match at Cowes Enterprise College against Vectis ‘B’, also played on Monday 29th January, couldn’t have had a more different flavour and result than Wroxall’ ‘B’s, especially after last week’s ‘off-key’ performance against Ventnorians. Harry Rann was, once again, filling in for the unavailable Roy Freeman, to whom we wish a speedy recovery.

Wroxall set out the way they meant to carry on, with Carl Freeman & Linda Lucas, playing in set 1, setting the tone for the rest of the match and winning 16-21, 20-22 to put Wroxall ahead, right off the bat at 0-1.

The 2nd set saw Clayton ‘Captain Phillips’ Simpson & Sarah Mcwilliam following on in Carl & Linda’s footsteps by also winning in straight games 15-21, 19-21 to put the match score at 0-2 in favour of Wroxall.

The 3rd set had Harry Rann & Vanessa Allen involved in the first of the 3 game deciders when, having won the first game 19-21, slipped temporarily in the second to lose 21-16, but pulled themselves up by their ‘bootstraps’ in the third, to win game and set at 18-21. Wroxall were now further ahead at 0-3.

Would set 4, the first of the ladies sets, with Linda Lucas & Sarah Mcwilliam, prove to be a change of fortune for Vectis? The answer is a definite no! With Linda & Sarah winning comfortably in two games; 12-21, 14-21, to put Wroxall within one set of the match win at 0-4.

The 5th set had the first of the men’s pairings of Carl Freeman & Clayton Simpson maintaining the pressure and getting the match win for Wroxall by defeating the Vectis side 14-21, 12-21, to bring the score to 0-5 to Wroxall.

Set 6 continued in much the same manner, with Linda Lucas & Vanessa Allen on court next and they didn’t hang about by quickly putting Wroxall deep in to potential whitewash territory with a two game win at 15-21, 16-21. Match score was now 0-6 to Wroxall!

The 7th set saw a change of pace but the same result, with the second of the three gamers. This one featured Carl Freeman & Harry Rann, who started out by losing the first game 21-17, but upped their game (pun intended!) in the second to win comfortably at 10-21. Vectis fought back hard in the third but were beaten 20-22 to put Wroxall within two sets of a whitewash at 0-7.

Set 8 featured Sarah Mcwilliam & Vanessa Allen looking to maintain Wroxall’s unbeaten run this evening and, despite a valiant effort from the Vectis pair, emerged 14-21, 7-21 victors, to bring Wroxall’s match score to 0-8.

The 9th and final set saw Wroxall cap off their return to form with a final hurrah, with Clayton Simpson & Harry Rann rounding their evening off with a 11-21, 19-21 victory, to leave the final score at 0-9 and another dominant performance from Wroxall ‘A’

This was, by no means, an easy win for Wroxall, with close scores in many of the games and two sets going to the full three. So, our commiserations go to Vectis ‘B’. But well done to them on a fine and spirited performance, against a team that are proving very difficult to beat.

Congratulations, once again to Wroxall ‘A’ on an outstanding performance, especially after last week’s unexpected result. We look forward to seeing you continue in the same vein at next week’s re-scheduled home game against Freshwater ‘E’ to be played next Friday 9th February at the Wroxall Community Centre starting at 7:00pm.

Before that though is, the second round of the Mallet Cup with Wroxall playing at home against Cowes on Monday 5th February at the Wroxall community Centre also starting at 7:00pm. So come along and cheer them on!

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