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Wroxall ‘A’ Suffer a New Year Wobble!

Wroxall ‘A’s away match against Ventnorians at the Medina Leisure Centre last Tuesday 23rd January, saw them suffer a shock defeat, their first of the season and put a minor crimp in their plans to get back to the top of Division 3.

After their comprehensive 7-2 win over Ventnorians at home on 16th October last year, and despite the substitution of the inimitable Elaine Sharp for Linda Lucas, and the ever ready Harry Rann for Roy Freeman, Wroxall did not anticipate a hugely different outcome this time.

However, shocks were in store for the, as yet, undefeated ‘A’ team as the evening went in a very unexpected direction; as Wroxall struggled, for some reason , to find their usual form.

The 1st set started out well with the Wroxall pair of Carl freeman & Elaine Sharp winning the first game 16-21,but then losing the next two 21-19, 21-14; to give the home team immediate advantage with the match score at 1-0.

Set 2 saw a better out come for the mixed pair of Clayton Simpson & Sarah Mcwilliam winning in two straight games at 12-21 and 18-21 to level the match at 1-1.

The 3rd set had a similar result with Harry Rann & Vanessa Allen taking the first game to much closer, harder fought 20-22 result and triumphed in the second with a slightly larger 15-21 gap. Match score now1-2, and Wroxall in front for the first time.

Set 4, the first of the ladies matches, saw a switch in fortunes again. Sarah Mcwilliam & Vanessa Allen went on court to try and extend Wroxall’s lead, but couldn’t find their rhythm and ended up losing in two games; 21-9, 21-16, to once again level the match at 2-2.

The 5th set saw a swing back in Wroxall’s favour, although it took Carl Freeman & Clayton Simpson three games to do it. They won the first game 14-21 but faced a hard fought struggle which they lost in the second with close 24-22 result. However, they girded their loins in the third (something nobody wants to see!) in the third and won comfortably 13-21; putting Wroxall ahead once again with the match score at 2-3.

Set 6 had the swingometer go back the other way this time when, Sarah Mcwilliam & Elaine Sharp went on court to try and keep Wroxall ahead once more. This, however, was not to be and Ventnorians, once again levelled the field to win 21-11, 21-19; to bring the match score to 3-3. Could Wroxall regain the lead once more?

The following sets saw Wroxall’s wheels come rapidly off the wagon, leaving them wondering just what went wrong.

The 7th set had Carl Freeman & Harry Rann up next and despite taking it to the full three games they lost ground, once more to Ventnorians with a final result of 13-21, 21-18 and 21-18 to put the match score at 4-3, putting Ventnorians ahead for the first time since the 1st set and leaving them with just one set to ensure the match win.

Set 8 had Vanessa Allen & Elaine Sharp faring no better, in fact slightly worse, losing in just the two games at 21-14, 21-19, to give Ventnorians the match win at 5-3 and seeing Wroxall ‘A’ suffering their first defeat all season!

The 9th & last set was not to be Wroxall’s last hurrah. Although Clayton Simpson & Harry Rann fought the good fight and took it to three games, the best they could do was win the first game 15-21, but lost the subsequent two games 21-18, 21-19. The final match result 6-3 to Ventnorians!

Congratulations to Ventnorians on a fine win, which puts them at third place in Division 3.

Commiserations to Wroxall ‘A’ whose run of form has suffered a, hopefully, temporary dip and we will see a normal return to service with their next match, where they will continue with their quest to finish at the top of Division 3.

Talking of next matches, you have a choice, as the ‘A’ & ‘B’ teams are both in action on Monday 29th January.

Wroxall ‘A’ are away against Vectis ‘B’ at Cowes Enterprise College starting the usual time of 7:00pm. Whilst, Wroxall ‘B’ face Newport ‘C’ at the Wroxall community Centre, also starting at 7:00pm. So you pays your money (in this case £0!) and makes your choice, so go along and cheer one them along!

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