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Wroxall ‘B’ Still Awaiting Win

Wroxall’s opening match of 2018 was with the ‘B’ team, when they played Freshwater ‘E’ on Monday 8th January at home at the Wroxall Community Centre.

Despite a three set opening advantage due to a missing Freshwater mens player, causing them to concede the three sets that he would have played, Wroxall were unable to capitalise on this to earn themselves their first win of the season.

Another change that initially caused some surprise amongst the Wroxall team and supporters was that, the Freshwater team appearing this evening was composed of entirely different players from those that comprised the team that Wroxall ‘A’ faced in their away against them earlier in the season.

It seems that, for various reasons, Freshwater were having to field all of their reserve players, as well as Jack Isaacs from Division 2, who kindly agreed to make up the numbers so that the relevant Wroxall players were able to play their scheduled games, So many thanks to him for his kind generosity. Wroxall also saw a slight change in line up due toTrevor Duffield suffering from an injured back (speedy recovery Trevor!) and the redoubtable Colin Lovegrove doing a fine job in his stead.

Please note that as these three sets were all ready conceded there will be no inclusion of them on the match report.

The 1st set featured Harry Rann & Callie Hatcher, out to make an immediate impact and increase Wroxall’s previously mentioned, three set head start. Unfortunately this didn’t go to plan and Harry & Callie suffered a two game, 11-21, 8-21 loss to bring the match score to 3-1 to Wroxall.

Simon Jilley & Gill Osborne playing in set 2 fared only slightly better, but still losing in two straight games, albeit with a tighter score line at 15-21 and a hotly contested 20-22 respectively. Match score now 3-2 to Wroxall.

Set 5 saw the first of the ladies sets with Callie Hatcher & Gill Osborne looking to keep Wroxall’s advantage and bring them to within one set of match victory. This too, however, did not go to plan, as Callie & Gill also conceded in two games; 6-21, 1-21, to make honours even at 3-3 in the match.

The question for the 6th set featuring Harry Rann & Colin Lovegrove is; can they turn the tide back in Wroxall’s favour and bring them one step closer to that all important first match victory? The answer, alas, was no. Despite their best efforts and some great play, Harry & Colin, like those before, lost in two games; 10-21 and 13-21. Thus, now putting Freshwater ahead for the first time in the match at 3-4.

Set 7 saw Callie Hatcher & Jenny Gardner determined to redress the balance and put Wroxall back into contention and it looked like they might succeed. Having lost the first game by a close 17-21 result, they fought back in the second to win 21-14, but despite a tightly contested third game they had to concede defeat to Freshwater by 16-21. Wroxall had lost their opportunity once more with match score at 3-5 and victory to Freshwater ‘E’.

There was however a chance for one last hurrah! in the 9th and final set for Gill Osborne & Jenny Gardner to uphold Wroxall’s honour; and they did so by playing a blinder of a set. Winning the first game 21-9 and the second by a much tighter 21-18. This brought the final match score to 4-5 in Freshwater’s favour.

Many congratulations to Freshwater on a fine win despite the 3 game disadvantage they started with. Thanks once again to Jack Isaacs for stepping in to ensure all the Wroxall players got to play.

Thanks must go to Colin Lovegrove who, despite the final outcome, did a sterling job standing in for the injured Trevor Duffield, to whom we all wish a speedy recovery.

Many commiserations to Wroxall ‘B’ for yet another unfortunate result, who currently hover just above last place in the League at this current point in time. It would have been interesting to see if the outcome would have been any different had Freshwater been able to field their regular side or not. Speculation is pointless as, this question will surely be answered when the ‘B’ team play the return match against Freshwater ‘E’ at Yarmouth at the end of season on 23rd March.

The next match report will be on the ‘A’ team’s away match at the Drill Hall, Newport against Newport ‘C’, which was played on Thursday 11th January, and will be posted tomorrow. Apologies for any delay in report posting but life sometimes gets in the way and other things must take priority.

p.s We have received the sad news that Mike West the League Secretary has suffered a stroke and we are all hoping for a positive outcome and a speedy recovery, our thoughts are with Mike and his family at this difficult time.

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