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Wroxall B Walk Away with their First Win!!

Wroxall ‘B’ earned their first well deserved win of the season this Monday 4th December, when they played Vectis ‘B’ away at Cowes Enterprise College.

It wasn’t an easy match by any means as seven of the sets went to the full three games with some very close scores.

There was a slight change in line up for Wroxall this evening as Trevor ‘Three Games’ Duffield was busy tickling his tonsils in a singing gig with his choir. So in his place in steps club stalwart Colin Lovegrove and doing a fine job too winning all three of his sets.

The 1st set didn’t start well for Wroxall with Harry Rann & Callie Hatcher losing the first game 21-16, pulled one back in the second at 17-21, but lost in the third 21-11 to put Vectis ahead 1-0.

Set 2 proved to be no better for the Wroxall pair of Simon Jilley & Gill Osborne as Vectis emerged 21-17, 21-14 winners of both games to put them further ahead in the match at 2-0.

The 3rd set, however, proved to be a different kettle of fish for Wroxall, with Colin Lovegrove & Jenny Gardner having a real humdinger of a game eventually winning by a close 24-26, they swiftly followed that up with another close one, but once again came out victorious at 19-21; to give Wroxall their first set of the evening. Match score now 2-1.

Set number 4 featuring Harry Rann & Simon Jilley saw a little bit of excitement as, after losing the first game 21-16 to Vectis, part way through the second game Harry & Simon accidentally clashed racquets and having sustained minor damage in last week’s match Harry’s racquet promptly broke all the way through; forcing him to switch to his alternate one. This seemed to benefit Harry somewhat as he and Simon took the second game all the way to a 24-26 win. Unfortunately they couldn’t carry this through to the third and lost that one 21-18. Vectis now lead by 3-1.

However a sea change was about to occur in Wroxall’s fortunes and it started in the 5th set with Callie Hatcher & Gill ‘Tiger’ Osborne. After losing the first game 21-13 they quickly rallied and fought back in the second to win 17-21 and followed that on with a win in third at 11-21 to now put the match score 3-2.

Hot on their heels was Harry Rann & Colin Lovegrove in the 6th set, keen to see what they could do as well. What they could do was win the first game 18-21, dropped the pace a little in the second to lose 23-21, pull themselves together in third and win that one 16-21 and bring Wroxall level with Vectis at 3-3!

This turnaround was maintained in set number 7 with Callie Hatcher & Jenny Gardner on court next. Like the previous set Callie & Jenny won the first game 17-21 dropped the second one 21-15, but pulled it back in the third to win 19-21 to now put Wroxall ahead for the first time in the match and the season with the score 3-4 in Wroxall’s favour and just one more set needed for their first match win, could they do it?

The 8th set, which would answer this question, also saw a three gamer with Simon Jilley & Colin Lovegrove playing next. The first game was a really hard fought one with Simon & Colin taking it to 22-20. However, they pulled it back in the second to win 18-21 and carried the momentum through into the third to win that one too at 13-21 and give Wroxall the match at 5-3!

Set number 9 was something of an anti-climax after the previous sets as Gill Osborne & Jenny Gardner were unable to emulate their team mates, losing the final set in two straight games 21-11, 21-18 to leave the final match score 4-5 to Wroxall.

It was an enthralling and exciting night of badminton and commiserations to Vectis ‘B’ who played some great games and made it a really difficult evening for their opponents. But huge congratulations to Wroxall ‘B’, who finally get their long awaited but well deserved first win, we all knew you could do it. Let’s hope you can keep the impetus up after the mid season Christmas/New Year break. Way to go Wroxall ‘B’!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and peaceful & prosperous New Year.

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