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Wroxall ‘A’ Thunder on with Sixth Win in a Row

Wroxall ‘A’ continued their unbeaten run at the top of Division 3 with an emphatic win over Newport ‘B’ at their away match on Thursday 30th November at the Drill Hall.

Wroxall knew that they needed not just a win, but a win by a clear margin, in order to stay well ahead of their 2nd in the League rivals Cowes ‘A’ who enjoyed a decisive victory over Wroxall ‘B’ earlier in the week.

There was a slight change in line up for Wroxall this week as; Sarah Mcwilliam was unwell and therefore unavailable. Instead Wroxall ‘B’s first lady Callie Hatcher was brought in to fulfil Sarah’s role within the ‘A’ side.

Wroxall started out well with no.1 mixed pair Carl Freeman & Callie Hatcher facing stiff competition in the 1st set, but considering it was their first time playing together in a League match, they quickly found their rhythm and won two successive games 18-21,18-21 to put Wroxall 0-1 ahead in the match.

Set 2 saw Roy Freeman & Vanessa Allen up next and they too, put in an equally impressive performance to also win the first game by 15-21 margin and the second by an even larger 5-21 result. Match score was now 0-2 to Wroxall.

The 3rd set featured Clayton Simpson & Linda Lucas, who took a slightly more circuitous route to achieve the same result as their team mates; winning the first game by a comfortable 10-21, but faced a fight back by Newport in the second who, after a hard fought game, won 23-21. However they couldn’t carry that over to the third where, Clayton & Linda gained victory with an 11-21 result to give Wroxall a 0-3 lead for the match.

Set 4 was a different kettle of fish as, son & father team of Carl & Roy Freeman showed just what an effective team they can be as they demolished their Newport opponents with an impressive 5-21, 6-21 victory to put Wroxall within one set of a match win with the score line now 0-4!

They would, however, have to wait at least one more set for that all important winning set, as Newport ‘B’ fought back in the 5th. But Wroxall pair Linda Lucas & Vanessa Allen were not going to make it easy for them by any means, the first game being a titanic battle between the two teams, with neither side giving an inch leaving everyone breathless with an eventual 27-25 result for Newport. The second game was more restrained, this time with Linda & Vanessa emerging 15-21 victors, but not able to maintain the momentum gained in the third and this too, went to Newport 21-12. Newport had pulled one back with match score now at 1-4.

Set 6 was yet another change in pace to the previous set as Wroxall men’s pair Carl Freeman and Clayton Simpson went on court determined to secure the winning set for their team. The Wroxall pair managed to do this fairly comfortably, with yet another two game decider at 11-21 and 13-21 respectively, the sixth and deciding set was theirs with score and match win at 1-5 to Wroxall.

The 7th set didn’t prove to be so easy for Linda Lucas & Callie Hatcher and they were taken by surprise in the first game with a 21-14 win to the home side. However, they pulled up their big girl pants and turned the tables on their Newport rivals by winning the second game 14-21 and carried that momentum on into the third by winning that 17-21 to put Wroxall further ahead at 1-6 in the match. The more sets they won at this point the further they would remain ahead of Cowes ‘A’.

Wroxall added to the all important set tally in set 8 where, the final men’s pair of Roy Freeman & Clayton Simpson put on an as impressive display as Carl & Roy did in set 4. Winning very decisively in two straight games with an extremely comfortable and consistent 8-21, 8-21 outcome in their favour; now bringing the match score to 1-7 to Wroxall.

The final and 9th set saw Newport determined to get at least one more win out of this evening’s competition and despite the best efforts of Vanessa Allen and Callie Hatcher, that’s exactly what they did. Despite some strong rallies and nifty returns the Wroxall pair lost in two games 21-17, 21-19 to give Newport ‘B’ the last set of the evening. But overall victory was theirs and more importantly a good number of sets to add to their all ready impressive tally so far this season.

Commiserations to Newport ‘B’ who, despite the final score line and some of the game results, played inspired and spirited badminton. Unfortunately, they like all those who came before them, were up against a team who, at the moment, seem unbeatable and determined to stay at the top of Division 3. Whether this will continue on for the rest of the season only time will tell.

Many congratulations to the ‘A’ team for yet another superb win and kudos for maintaining that gap at the top of the League between yourselves and Cowes ‘A’. Let’s hope you can keep it going in your next match!

Talking of next matches, there is something of a dilemma this Monday 4th December as both the ‘A’ and the ‘B’ teams are both in action, so you will have to decide which team you will go and cheer on. Wroxall ‘A’ is at home to Cowes ‘B’ at the Wroxall Community Centre starting at the traditional time of 7:00pm and Wroxall ‘B’ is (obviously) away to Vectis B’ at Cowes Enterprise College, also starting at 7:00pm. So pick your poison and cheer away!

p.s. I will post an updated League table when the result from Friday’s match of Freshwater’ E’ v Cowes ‘B’ comes in and the table is updated on the Isle of Wight Badminton site.

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Help support this site, sponsored ads
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