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Wroxall ‘B’s Woes Continue

Wroxall B’s home match against 2nd in the league Cowes A saw their campaign to get a first of the season win, fall woefully by the wayside.

Despite some truly well played badminton and a much improved form over last week Wroxall B once again suffered the ignominy of another whitewash, but it wasn’t for the want of trying.

The 1st set saw Simon Jilley & Callie Hatcher working hard to make a good start for Wroxall, but were unable to find a way around the Cowes pair and lost in two games; 16-21,11-21 to put Cowes ahead 0-1.

Set 2 had Harry Rann & Gill Osborne also trying hard to turn things around, but they too were left frustrated by a 13-21, 17-21 loss to the Cowes side, now giving them a 0-2 advantage.

The 3rd set with Trevor Duffield & Jenny Gardner gave Wroxall a small glimmer of hope as Trevor & Jenny battled hard in the first game to a close 20-22 loss, but they were unable to maintain the momentum and went down 11-21 in the second. Match score was now 0-3 to Cowes A.

Set 4 and the first of the men’s sets was a very lively affair with Simon Jilley & Harry Rann throwing themselves all around the court to return, what looked like, un-returnable volleys and included some very good, clever and subtle returns from Harry, showing just how versatile he can be when he puts his mind to it. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, Simon & Harry lost the first game 13-21; however they gathered themselves up and a much improved second game followed, which resulted in a short delay due to Simon’s overly enthusiastic downward swing on a snap shot that resulted in the racquet ending up in a particularly painful place for Simon causing a large sucking in of air, tears in the eyes and short walk around the court to compose himself! However, once composed, he & Harry continued with some fine match play, which resulted in a 21-18 win for the Wroxall pair. The third game proved to be an equally hard fought one and it looked very much like it might be Wroxall’s first set of the night, but a couple of good volleys from the Cowes pair saw them come away 19-21 winners and bring the match score to 0-4 to Cowes.

The 5th set with Callie Hatcher & Gill Osborne (the first of the ladies sets) started out poorly for them and they could only manage a 11-21 result in the first game, The second game was a real nail biter with the points swinging this way and that right up to 21-21, until a couple of unfortunate shots left Cowes coming away, once again the winners 21-23 and also match victors at 0-5.

Set 6 saw Simon Jilley & Trevor Duffield on court next and trying to do what previous pairs hadn’t, and win a set. But, once again, despite a really good performance from the Wroxall pair the best they could manage was 8-21, 15-21 defeat to Cowes and a match score of 0-6 now stood.

The 7th set featured Callie Hatcher & Jenny Gardner now attempting to turn the tide in Wroxall’s favour, but they too, despite playing well, weren’t able to fend off the Cowes side and also lost in two games; 13-21, 10-21. The match score was now 0-7 to Cowes.

Set 8 and the last of the men’s sets was another lively game, this time with Harry Rann & Trevor Duffield causing all the excitement as another titanic point for point battled ensued with some cracking rallies and clever little shots from both Harry & Trevor. This time the first game went in the Wroxall pair’s favour at an incredibly close 22-20 outcome. Amazingly enough the second game was almost a like for like fight as the first, with Harry & Trevor pushing it all the way to a similar outcome, but this time to Cowes advantage resulting in a 20-22 result. After the previous two games the third one was almost an anti-climax with Harry & Trevor unable to maintain the pace or performance of the first two games which resulted in a 11-21 win for Cowes to bring the match score to 0-8 to them.

The 9th and last set of the evening had the last of the ladies pairing of Gill Osborne and Jenny Gardner who really struggled to find any real rhythm or pace, and as a result could only manage a 8-21, 3-21 score line to finish of another disappointing evening for Wroxall with the final result an emphatic 0-9 win for Cowes A.

Many congratulations to Cowes on a well deserved win and they are now hot on the heels of top of the League Wroxall A who play this Thursday.

Commiserations, once again to Wroxall B, who must be feeling as frustrated as the rest of us, particularly after playing so well this evening. They must be wondering just what they have to do to win a League match this season; it certainly isn’t for want of trying or lack of ability. It seems that the ‘rub of the green’ just isn’t in their favour at the moment, let’s hope that the tide turns firmly their way in the next match which is on 4th December away to Vectis B – Good luck ‘B’ team we’re all wishing you well!

As mentioned previously the next match up is the ‘A’ team away to Newport B at the Drill Hall on Thursday 30th November, where they are looking not only for a win but a good winning margin to keep them well ahead of their 2nd place rivals Cowes A in the League title fight, Good luck ‘A’ team, keep up the good work!

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