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Wroxall ‘B’ Still Waiting for Win

Monday 20th November’s home match against Ventnorians saw the ‘B’ team wanting and still waiting for their first League win of the season.

An off form performance on the evening left them still wallowing around the bottom end of the League table and looking for some way to get their campaign kick started.

Due to the late arrival of the opposition’s 1st lady the sets were played out of sequence, starting with the mixed number twos in set 1, featuring Harry Rann & Gill ‘Tiger’ Osborne, who started their match in fighting form winning the first game 21-19, fought hard in the second but lost in a close 20-22 game and also lost the third game 11-21 to put Ventnorians 0-1 in the lead.

The 2nd set had Simon Jilley and Callie Hatcher up next, but they were unable to match Harry & Gill’s performance and lost in two straight games 12-21, 9-21 to put Ventnorians further ahead 0-2.

The 3rd set was then played by the third men’s pair of Harry Rann & Trevor Duffield who put in a rousing performance to get Wroxall their first win of the evening at 21-19, 21-15 to close the gap to 1-2.

Set number 4 jumped back to third mixed pairs with Jenny Gardner & Trevor ‘Three Games’ Duffield who took it to….you guessed it – three games! Trevor & Jenny won the first game 21-16, lost the second 10-21 and battled well in the third but lost with a hotly contested 20-22 result. Match score now1-3 to Ventnorians.

The 5th set had the first ladies pair of Callie Hatcher & Gill Osborne, who both seemed to be struggling with form and it showed in the two game 10-21, 7-21 outcome that put Ventnorians within one set of match victory at 1-4 in their favour.

Set 6 featured the first mens pair of Simon Jilley & Harry Rann who always play well together and this resulted in Wroxall’s second set win of the night as they emerged 21-17, 15-21, 21-18 victors, to pull another one back for the home team and bring match score to 2-4.

The 7th set had Callie Hatcher & Jenny Gardner on court next and they too couldn’t seem to find their ‘groove ‘and struggled to find a rhythm that suited them both. This resulted in a very disappointing 12-21, 4-21 result for the Wroxall pair and gave Ventnorians the all important 5th and match winning set at 2-5. This was definitely not Wroxall ‘Bs’ finest hour.

Set 8 did not provide any relief for the home team either as Simon Jilley & Trevor Duffield despite putting in a good performance, could only manage a two game 15-21, 18-21 loss to put the match score at an even bigger 2-6 for Ventnorians.

Could the 9th and final set with Gill Osborne & Jenny Gardner give Wroxall just one more victory to end the evening with? Unfortunately the answer to that was in the negative, as Gill & Jenny, despite trying hard couldn’t quite get the better of their Ventnorian counterparts and also lost in two games; 13-21, 9-21; to put the final score at 2-7 to Ventnorians.

Congratulations to Ventnorians for some well played badminton and their well deserved win. Commiserations must go to Wroxall ‘B’, who must be extremely frustrated by their performance and lack of focus this evening.

When you consider how they have played in previous matches, particularly the one against their ‘A’ team colleagues last week and not forgetting that four them were part of the six person team that bested top of division 2 BCA by 5-0 in the first round of the Mallet Cup; we know that they are clearly capable of more than they are currently demonstrating. They just need to keep plugging away and find their team ’jam’ and it will all eventually fall in to place – don’t stop believing ‘B’ team !

Next up is the ‘B’ team at home again on Monday 27th November at Wroxall Community Centre, this time up against Cowes ‘A,’ starting at the usual time of 7:00pm. So come along and cheer them on and let’s see if they can put in the performance that we know they have in them – Good luck ‘B’ team!

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