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Wroxall A Whack in Another Win!

Wroxall marched ever onward with their fourth win in a row, when they played Cowes A at the West Wight Sports Centre on Thursday 2nd November.

This match, however, was much closer than the ‘A’ team’s previous matches as Cowes were trying their hardest to break Wroxall’s unbeaten run, it was, despite their best efforts, not to be; as Wroxall racked up another victory to keep them firmly at the top of the table.

Wroxall started off well with the first mixed pair of Carl Freeman & Linda Lucas setting the tone by winning the 1st set in two games; 17-21, 11-21 to put Wroxall ahead straight away at 0-1.

Set 2 saw Roy Freeman & Vanessa Allen follow confidently on the heels of Carl & Linda by also winning their set in straight games with a very consistent 17-21, 17-21. This now put Wroxall at 0-2 in the match.

The 3rd set didn’t quite go to plan for the third pair of Clayton Simpson & Sarah Mcwilliam, but it did go to three games. The Wroxall pair won the first game 19-21, but had the tables turned them in the second to lose 21-19 and lost out to Cowes in the third as well by a 21-13 margin to bring the match score to 1-2 to Wroxall.

Set 4 and the first of the mens pairs, saw Wroxall back on track with the team of Carl & Roy Freeman winning another two gamer with a hard fought 17-21, 18-21 victory, now putting Wroxall further ahead in the match at 1-3

The 5th set featuring Linda Lucas & Vanessa Allen, saw the pendulum swing firmly back in Cowes favour and despite the best efforts of Linda and Vanessa to battle it out for the full three games; they were unable to stop Cowes emerging 21-9, 19-21, 21-17 victors. Thus pulling another one back for the home team and putting the match score now at 2-3.

The 6th set showed that this was going to be one of those see-saw events, with neither side willing to give an inch and fighting for every point and every game until only the most determined pair would emerge the winners. In this case it proved to be the Wroxall pair of Carl Freeman & Clayton ‘Captain Phillips’ Simpson who came out on top, after fighting it out for the full three games as well. The final result 17-21, 21-17 and an incredibly close 20-22. This now put the Wroxall side within one set of a match win at 2-4 and the odds in their favour. However, the way this evening was going anything could happen.

Just to prove my point, set number 7 swung back, yet again, in Cowes favour with yet another 3 gamer and the home side pushed all the way by the Wroxall pair of Linda Lucas & Sarah Mcwilliam. They started off well with Linda and Sarah winning the first game 19-21, but were unable to maintain the pace for the subsequent two, losing both in 21-17 and 21-12 to bring the match score back to a much closer 3-4.

The question was; would it swing back once again in Wroxall’s favour or could the home team beat the odds and level the match to leave it all to play for at the end of the penultimate set?

The answer, in this case, despite the fifth three game set of the evening, was that Wroxall would continue their winning ways. The last mens pair of Roy Freeman & Clayton Simpson sealed the deal for Wroxall with yet another hard fought, closely contested 21-19, 12-21, 19-21 win, that brought the match score to 3-5 to Wroxall and left Cowes to try and close the gap once again in the last set, and wonder what might have happened had luck gone their way in one or two of the earlier sets.

And so, it came to pass in set number 9 that, the home team did indeed manage to close the gap yet again. Only this time it made no difference as the outcome of the match had all ready been settled in the previous set. This didn’t mean they weren’t going down without a fight though, as the last pairing of Vanessa Allen & Sarah Mcwilliam led Wroxall to their only two game defeat of the evening, losing out to Cowes 21-14, 22-20, to leave the final score at 4-5 to Wroxall and yet another win under their belt.

Commiserations, but well done to Cowes ‘A’ for putting on such a fine performance and as result producing some top notch & entertaining badminton throughout the evening.

Many congratulations to Wroxall who, once again, showed grit and determination and some outstanding badminton to maintain their position at the top of the table. Keep up the good work!

There are no League matches next week as it is the first round of the Mallet Cup, and for Wroxall this means a home match at Wroxall Community Centre on Monday 6th November, where they will be competing with BCA to see who will go through to the second round; so come along and cheer them on!

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Help support this site, sponsored ads
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