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Wroxall Stun Vectis B

In what turned out be an exciting evening of badminton, Wroxall A turned in an almost near perfect performance, dropping just the one game throughout the whole match and earning them a result that will surely boost their confidence for the rest of the season.


Set 1 featuring Carl freeman & Linda Lucas got off to a blistering start, with the number1 mixed pair coming out 21-9, 21-11 victors in a quick 2 game set to put Wroxall 1-0 for the match.


Set 2 was a slightly tighter affair but never the less the mixed number 2 pair of Roy Freeman & Vanessa Allen maintained the pressure with another 2 straight game win at 21-19 and 21-13 respectively, to put Wroxall further ahead 2-0.


On court for set 3 was the 3rd mixed pair of Clayton Simpson & Sarah Mcwilliam, who proceeded to follow their team mates’ example and set about securing a 21-8, 21-9 two game win with much alacrity.

Match score now 3-0 in Wroxall’s favour, and it was beginning to look very much like Wroxall’s night.


The first mens pairing in the 4th set continued in much the same vein, with Carl & Roy Freeman securing their win with yet another 2 game decider scored at 21-7 and 21-18 and really putting the pressure on Vectis with a mighty 4-0 lead. Vectis didn’t seem to have an answer to Wroxall’s onslaught this evening and with just one set left to seal the match for Wroxall they had a mountain to climb.


The result of the 5th set, the first of the ladies pairings, put the outcome beyond doubt as Linda Lucas &Vanessa Allen put the match in Wroxall’s pocket with a 21-15, 21-16 victory over the Vectis opposition, putting Wroxall now 5-0 up and achieving the match victory.

However, at this point it must be said that, despite the score line, every win for Wroxall was a hard fought one with Vectis B putting up an incredible fight; and there were some amazing and entertaining rallies throughout the entire match.


Set 6 saw Carl Freeman & Clayton Simpson on court next and continued to add to Wroxall’s tally for the evening, winning yet again in two straight games 21-12 and 21-13; to put Wroxall ahead 6-0 in the match. The question now being, was there anything that Vectis B could do with Wroxall in their current form, to slow them and get a win?


The answer in set 7 was maybe, as Wroxall’s first slip of the evening occurred in game one, with the ladies pairing of Linda Lucas & Sarah Mcwilliam, who seemed to struggle to find their rhythm and went down to a hard fought very tightly scored 19-21 loss. However, determined not to be the team pair that spoiled Wroxall’s,  so far unbeaten run tonight; they set about games 2 &3 with some gusto and produced a 21-12, 21-7 win to give Wroxall yet another set – match score now 7-0 to Wroxall.


Set 8 provided no relief to Vectis either as, the last men’s pair of Roy Freeman & Clayton Simpson maintained the performance level that Wroxall had shown all evening and produced another 2 game win for the home team, coming out 21-12, 21-9 victors putting the score line at 8-0 for Wroxall.


Set 9, the final set, saw the ladies pair of Vanessa Allen & Sarah Mcwilliam compound Vectis’ misery and cap Wroxall’s evening off with an emphatic and decisive 21-7, 21-11 win to round off this evening’s match with the final result at Wroxall 9 – 0 Vectis B.


This was a stunning win for Wroxall A and is sure to give them a tremendous boost in the league so a big well done to them. Commiserations, however, to Vectis B, who as stated earlier, put in a terrific performance. They fought hard in every game making Wroxall earn every point they won. They were just unlucky to come up against a Wroxall team, where every player was really on form that night, and as a result there were some great rallies and they produced an enthralling and entertaining evening of badminton so congratulations and many thanks to them and we wish them well for the rest of the season.


Well there isn’t much say after that except that Wroxall continue their unbeaten run and let’s hope that it continues with their next match which, is on Thursday 2nd November at West Wight Sports Centre, Freshwater against Cowes A starting at 7:00pm so come along and cheer them on!

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