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Wroxall Off to a Flying Start!.

Hello everyone and welcome to the new 2017/2018 season of badminton here at Wroxall Badminton Club. The exciting news for those of you that haven’t heard yet, is that we are now back to two teams – Wroxall A and Wroxall B. Both teams are in Division 3 so expect some sparks to fly when they are paired up against each other!

The honour of opening the season with their first match was Wroxall A who were away against Freshwater E at Yarmouth Sports & Social Club, this last Friday 13th October.

Some people would take this as an auspicious sign having given up the home advantage, however, for Wroxall this was far from the truth.

The ‘A’ team got off to a cracking start with Carl Freeman & Vanessa Allen closing out the first set 14-21, 8-21 and a 2 game win putting Wroxall 0-1 ahead in the match.

Roy Freeman & Elaine Sharp, who were up next finished out their set in even better style, with 2 game, 9-21, 8-21 win over their Freshwater rivals to put Wroxall ahead 0-2.

This theme continued for the following two sets with Clayton Simpson & Sarah Mcwilliam also triumphant in 2 games coming out 10-21, 15-21 victors in set 3. Whilst Carl & Roy Freeman took the first men’s set in an even more stunning 5-21, 1-21 result and leaving Wroxall firmly in control of this match at 0-4 with just one more set to seal the match.

This, however, would have to wait at least one more set, as, Freshwater, determined not to go quietly, fought back in the 5th set, winning the first game against Sarah Mcwilliam & Vanessa Allen  with a tightly contested 22-20 win. Wroxall pulled one back in the second with a 16-21 win and were 6 points ahead at one stage in the 3rd, when Freshwater, showing some real grit bounced back to take a 21-19 win and bring the match score to 1-4 to Wroxall.

Had Wroxall shot their bolt and was the tide now turning in Freshwater’s favour?.

The 6th set featuring Carl Freeman & Clayton Simpson would suggest not, as they went to a 2 game 13-21, 8-21 victory now putting the match win out of Freshwater’s reach and sealing the deal for Wroxall at 1-5. The question now was how many more sets could Wroxall add to their tally? As this could make all the difference at the end of the season.

Set 7 saw Sarah Mcwilliam & Elaine Sharp pile on the pressure and take Wroxall even further ahead with yet another 2 gamer at 13-21 and 12-21 respectively, Match score 1-6.

Wroxall’s mens pairing of Roy Freeman & Clayton Simpson increased the gap in the 8th set with yet another two game win coming out winners at 7-21 and 5-21 to increase Wroxall’s lead to 1-7.

Vanessa Allen & Elaine Sharp rounded out Wroxall’s evening in the 9th set with a final 2 game 16-21, 13-21 victory over Freshwater to leave a final result of 1-8 in Wroxall’s favour.

Overall a great start to Wroxall A’s 2017/2018 campaign, but mention must be made here of Freshwater’s effort. Four of their six players were all untested youngsters with no League experience so the outcome should be no surprise. However their work ethic and enthusiasm combined with the talent that they all displayed showed great promise for the future, not just for Freshwater but Isle of Wight Badminton in general. I am certain that once they have gained some maturity and experience, they will prove to be a real threat in future competitions. So congratulations to them and we all at Wroxall wish you well for the future.

I must also give a big shout out to the redoubtable Cleet Holmberg, a regular stalwart of the Isle of Wight Badminton scene and first class youth coach, who suffered serious illness issues earlier in the year. It was great to see him back on the court and putting in a great performance and looking so well. Welcome back Cleet , we look forward to seeing you at the return game in Wroxall!

Well done to Wroxall A on an outstanding start to the season and let’s hope that you can keep the momentum going with the next match which is at home at the Wroxall Community Centre on Monday 16th October, starting at the customary time of 7:00pm against the Ventnorians. This will be followed on Thursday 19th October with Wroxall B’s season opener lead by new Captain Harry Rann away to Newport B at the Drill Hall, Newport, again starting at 7:00pm. So come along and cheer them on!

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Help support this site, sponsored ads
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