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Wroxall ‘A’ Maintain Their Momentum.

Last Monday night 16th October saw Wroxall A at home against the Ventnorians and hoping to maintain the momentum that they had started with their emphatic 8-1 defeat of Freshwater E the previous Friday.

The team was complete this week with Linda Lucas back in, after being away last week, where we had a fine substitution in the shape of Elaine Sharp, who did such an excellent job in Linda’s stead.

The 1st set saw Carl Freeman and the aforementioned Linda Lucas up first and not starting too auspiciously with a 16-21 loss. But they soon picked up the pace, winning the second game 21-12 and the third 21-13 to put Wroxall 1-0 in the match.

Up next for the 2nd set were Roy Freeman & Vanessa Allen, to see if they could push Wroxall further ahead. I think the word for this set was ‘consistent’, with Roy & Vanessa coming out victors 21-14, 21-14 to do exactly as asked and giving Wroxall a 2-0 lead.

Third pairing for set 3 was Clayton Simpson & Sarah Mcwilliam, who decided that they could do even better, and proceeded to put Wroxall further ahead, winning game one 21-8 and game two 21-7 in an impressive display of dominance. 3-0 to Wroxall now!

The 4th set saw the first of the men’s games and father &son team of Roy & Carl Freeman didn’t disappoint and maintained the status quo by emerging victors with two straight games at 21-6 and 21-11 respectively. Thus, pushing Wroxall’s lead even further ahead to 4-0, requiring only one more set for the match.

Set number 5, however was where the wheels, metaphorically speaking, came off Wroxall’s fast moving cart, perhaps not stopping it but certainly slowing it a bit, with Linda Lucas & Vanessa Allen having an uncharacteristic ‘off’ set; losing both games 14-21, 15-21 to put the match score at 4-1 to Wroxall and still waiting for that decisive set.

Set 6 saw the mens pairing of Carl Freeman & Clayton Simpson getting the wagon moving forward again and emphasising Wroxall’s determination this evening. They won in straight games with decisive 21-7, 21-9 outcome, to give the home team a 5 – 1 lead and the desired deciding set to seal the deal and give Wroxall the match win.

However, Ventnorians weren’t going down without a fight and, once again, it was the Wroxall ladies that bore the brunt of it, with Linda Lucas & Sarah Mcwilliam losing out to the Ventnorians ladies in set 7 by two games. The first one was a tightly contested 21-23, but the second wasn’t quite as close, closing out at 14-21. The match score now 5-2, but could the Ventnorians close the gap any further?

The 8th set saw Roy Freeman & Clayton Simpson on court next to try and stymie the Ventnorians efforts to pull the score back a little. Fortunately Roy & Clayton didn’t disappoint with yet another Wroxall decisive win in straight games 21-7 and 21-11 putting Wroxall now 6-2 up.

The only question left in the 9th and final set was, could Vanessa Allen & Sarah Mcwilliam up hold the honour of the Wroxall ladies or would the Ventnorians claim a third victory this evening? Well that was quickly answered as Vanessa & Sarah, despite it being a long evening and both must have been feeling tired, set about the opposition with some gusto. They won the first game 21-12 and capped Wroxall’s evening off by winning the second 21-13 to leave the final score at 7-2 in Wroxall’s favour.

So Wroxall ‘A’ march on with a 2 for 2 in the season so far, but a big congratulation to the Ventnorians who, despite the final score, made it a much harder match than the final result would suggest. There were some great rallies and every point was hotly contested, at times making the Wroxall side dig deep to ensure their victory..

So well done every one and let’s see if you can march onwards in your next match, which is a home match on Monday 23rd October at the Wroxall Community Centre against Vectis B, starting at the usual time of 7:00pm. See you all there!

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